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No time for hair treatments in salons?
Lie in bed every night worrying about your hair fall problem?
Or frown at that receding hairline every time you pull your hair back?
If you caught yourself nodding, then you’re not alone.

Screen shot 2012-06-14 at AM 12.01.54

Most people think hair fall problems only occur among ladies with longer hair,
but that is in no way true!
Although females sporting a short crop do not comb their hair as often as those with long hair,
the amount of styling products used by the former pose as potential threats to damaging otherwise healthy hair.
Coupled with damages from the environment and other factors like over-exposure in the sun,
excessive use of the hairdryer, hair fall is definitely a problem all women share.

I am excited to write about this new range of products from Dove today because it has blew me away completely!
I have been a regular customer of Dove products,
but the usual things I buy off the shelves are just the usual shampoo and conditioner.
Chancing upon this new Hair Fall Rescue range really came as a pleasant surprise!

I used to think premature hair fall will never happen to me just because I have short hair.
Being complacent, I did all sorts of stuff to my hair…

Changing the color of my hair every couple months.

Screen shot 2012-06-07 at PM 11.28.42


Screen shot 2012-06-07 at PM 11.28.19

Used crazy amounts of hair products.

Camera Roll3-1

As you can see from this picture, my hairline has suffered and the left side of the hairline
is significantly higher than the right.

Camera Roll5

It is kind of embarrassing to admit this but I have actually succumbed to using “old man shampoo”.
I call them “old man shampoo” because everything from the packaging to the herb-y smell of the products
makes me feel 30 years older!

Thank God for Dove because the new Dove Hair Therapy Hair Fall Rescue range not only looks young and modern,
it smells good, and also works like magic!

Screen shot 2012-06-14 at AM 12.02.53
Screen shot 2012-06-14 at AM 12.03.01

I used to be skeptical about how TVCs show how the before/after can be really drastic after using a particular product,
I know it sounds ridiculous for me to say this now but after using this ENTIRE range of products,
they really work like magic!

Other than shampoo and conditioners, they also have three other products that are really interesting.
(Yes caring for you hair goes beyond washing them with shampoo and conditioner every day!)
I love the treatment mask for my hair because of the intensity of the product,
and my hair really feels super soft after each use.
The texture of the treatment mask is quite viscous so it stays on the hair easily, non drip!
That’s me with treatment mask on. Looks kinda cool right? Hahaha.

Screen shot 2012-06-14 at AM 12.03.08

Other than the mask and a serum, there is another product I absolutely love – Intensive Hair Tonic!

It comes in little tubes for easy application, so every one time, you just need to put on one tube on the scalp.
I know you might feel something so amazing must be very hard to use! But it’s really simple!
Just part your hair and apply the tonic on the scalp and massage in.
Slowly part the hair at various parts and make sure you cover all areas of the scalp.

Easy peasy!

I never knew how majority of hair fall occurs when the entire hair fall off, and not via breakages.
So what the tonic does is to get to the root of the problem (what a good pun, I’m genius)
and nourish and care for the root instead.
They promised that the Roots Tonic can prevent hair fall in 2 weeks and they did not disappoint at all!

If I’m not wrong, Dove is actually the first beauty brand in the market to tackle hair fall from the roots!

One star ingredient in this entire range is also the amazing Trichazole Actives,
which essentially works against natural enzymes from breaking down the follicle glue.
So, with trichazole actives, it would be “BYE BYE HAIR FALL!”

But that said, I think the most important thing when it comes to caring for our hair is to treat it with more care,
and not be lazy when trying out new products.
I remember how I always use new products I bought for 3 days before chucking it away to the back of my cupboards.
I am glad I used my Dove religiously this time round!
Never felt my hair so soft before lor!

By the way, this is how the various products look like:

Screen shot 2012-06-14 at AM 12.03.15

Dove is giving away free Intensive Hair Tonic starter kit worth S$6 (YES! That is the STAR product!)
at the Share A Secret website now!
This is the one main product I encourage anyone who is also battling against hair fall to also try out!

If you would like to inspire others, then you might also want to share your hair fall stories on the website.
The most inspiring stories will be given a full set of Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment series
and also be invited to a Share the Secret event with me and many other bloggers.
On top of that, you might also stand the chance to be featured in a Dove testimonial video and appear in magazines!

For a start, here is my very own Hair Fall story!

Screen shot 2012-06-14 at AM 12.03.21

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  1. vanessa says

    Hi Peggy,

    where is top (first picture) from?
    Love your style! 🙂

    Thank you


  2. Angie says

    Hey pegs, can I know where’s ur bag in the first picture from? It’s gorgeous 😉


    • vanessa – thanks babe! it’s from topshop 🙂

      desiree – hello girl. is it? it looks fine on my side leh..

      angie – it’s from gucci 🙂


  3. Hi,
    you’ve linked the wrong video 😀 You’ve linked a video on your friend’s wedding


  4. Andrea says

    Yups, wrong video! But cool video u guys shot for Sindy! I think the guys are more natural on the video, girls abit self-conscious! Haha.


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