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When we were younger, June is always one of the better months because of the holidays.
Now that we have all grown up, we no longer have long school holidays.
But here is something to perk you up this June!

In this special Online Store Giveaway Entry, you will find 30 items all up for grabs!
To win the items, simply leave a comment and indicate which item you’re interested in winning.
You can list up to 3 items that you’re interested in.
Do remember to leave your email address because winners will be notified via emails.
I try to be as fair as I can, but I cannot promise I will not favour SIXPEGS Facebook Page members! :p
Do join me at my Facebook Page for more updates that you can’t find on the blog.

Let’s check out what the online stores have in store for us and bring some of these items home while browsing!

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ChippyChipDovey is the first online store to be featured.
This store specializes in hand made accessories that look clean and exquisite.



Classic pearl and 925 silver chain will match many different apparels.
Check out this link for more info about the materials used and view more photos.



When it comes to accessories, less is always more.
Visit here to find out more and view more pictures of this lovely turquoise nugget stone necklace!

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Monoduno is definitely in tune with what’s in fashion now.
Looking for dresses with galaxy prints, floral shorts or metal studded shirts? Look this way!


Stand a chance to walk away with this gorgeous floral bustier at this Giveaway!
Check out more pictures and measurements at this direct link.
Quote “MONODUNO BUSTIER” to win.

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This mini dress is also another item that I absolutely adore!
It’s made of great material and I love the little details on the leather collar.
Check out this direct link for more measurement details and pictures!
This mini dress is also available in black as well, check it out if you like it.
Or if you wanna win this, quote “MONODUNO DRESS” in the comments field.

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Wanna be the girl-next-door?
Then Hope Alethia is definitely your first choice when it comes to online shopping!
Packed with sundresses, tops and many other items loved by many local bloggers, this one is not to be missed.


Stand a chance to win this gorgeous brown linen sundress from Hope Alethia here!
Visit Hope Alethia for measurement details and more pictures.


I personally love this grey linen sundress! Pair it up with a sharp looking blazer and it’s good for office too!
Quote “HOPE ALETHIA GREY SUNDRESS” to win this item!

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DLLW Online Store is all about simple basics that we need everyday.
If you like to mix and match the items in your wardrobe, head on here to pick up more pieces for your closet!
They have a huge array of items for you to choose from – dresses, blazers, top, bottoms and more.


This black and white top has a very unique design and is totally flattering too!
More measurement details and pictures can be found here.
Quote “DLLW TOP” to win this item!


This pantsuit is one of the most romantic looking ones I’ve seen around.
It’s comfortable and oh-so-pretty to be in!
It also comes in black and prints.
Check out this direct link for more pictures.
Quote “DLLW PANTSUIT” to bring this item home!

Screen shot 2012-06-24 at PM 08.35.21

This is another one of my favourite online store!
They have a great selection of apparels, fantastic customer services and products are of superb quality.
Here are the two items you can bring home from By Champagne Life for today’s Giveaway.


This cape blouse is really comfortable to be in and the cut is so awesome!
You can find more details about this item here to see if it suits you.
Quote “BYCHAMPAGNELIFE CRIMSON” to win this item.


Also check out this unique looking cape jacket from this online store.
I am so amazed by how this jacket can instantly complete my look!
Here are more pictures of this item, do check it out!
Quote “BYCHAMPAGNELIFE CAPE” to walk away with this item!

Screen shot 2012-06-24 at PM 08.35.48

This outfit is entirely from The Closet Lover.
Look at how the items at this online store is so versatile and easy to match!
Closet Lover is currently at their 126th Collection so you can imagine the amount of gorgeous apparels they have.
A huge huge array of apparels for you to choose from.

For this Giveaway, quote “THECLOSETLOVER TOP” for the blouse
or “THECLOSETLOVER BOTTOM” for the shorts (with belt).
And please visit their main site for other gorgeous designs!
This two items will also be launched in their latest collection tomorrow!
Be the first to grab these items even before they are available! You are gonna love this online store!


IMG_8666 2

Screen shot 2012-06-24 at PM 08.36.47

The next online store is definitely up my alley!

Flaunt has so many apparels on their site that you just shouldn’t miss!
The quality of the apparels are so good and I am loving this two items that I’m giving away so much,
I wish I could keep them for myself!
Lucky you!


Check out this cheery looking dress with cute prints of birdies.
Dress it up with some accessories and cute heels and I’m sure it can brighten up even the bluest Mondays!
Quote “FLAUNT DRESS” to stand a chance to win this item.


If you are looking for a blouse instead, check out this blouse with the similar prints!
I love this blouse with shorts and cute leather wedges!
The material is so light and soft!
Quote “FLAUNT BLOUSE” to walk away with this item.
Flaunt is currently having a mega sale, visit here to check out more items!

Screen shot 2012-06-24 at PM 08.37.02

This next online store is all about cute accessories and other gadgets we all love.
More covers for your dear cellphone, pouches, or other cute trinkets for you?
Summur Serendipity is the place to go to!



Make your travels a little more colourful with this cute passport cover from Summur Serendipity!
Quote “SUMMUR PASSPORT COVER” if you want to bring this item home!



Blue on the outside, pink on the inside.
This is the perfect purse for ladies during lunch times!
It’s spacious enough for cards and coins, and it even comes with a strap so you can use it as a wristlet.
Quote “SUMMUR WRISTLET” if you like this item!

Screen shot 2012-06-24 at PM 08.37.27

Kestano is another online store I return to again and again.
I love the choice of items and style this store stands by!



This outfit is put together by Kestano.
Love the shirt with the metal tips and bright orange shorts!
Check out this direct link for measurements of the black shirt,
and quote “KESTANO TOP” if you’re interested in this item.
If you want to bring the shorts home, quote “KESTANO SHORTS” instead!
Here is also a link to their latest collection!

Screen shot 2012-06-24 at PM 08.37.43

This next online store is another one of my favourite!
TresLoveChic always brings us the biggest and best collections,
I like the fashion style of the apparels here and I’m so loving this two pieces we are giving away today!

IMG_8631 2


This chiffon top is going to serve you well! It looks good with shorts or even working pants.
Tuck it in or leave it out to achieve different looks!
Check out this link for more colours and measurement details.
Quote “TRESLOVECHIC TOP” to win this item.

The polka dot skirt is actually not a skirt!
You can get the best of both worlds with this item because this pair of shorts looks like a pair of flowy skirt.
Extremely flattering cut too!
View more pictures and measurement of this skater skirt here.
Quote “TRESLOVECHIC BOTTOM” to win this item!

Screen shot 2012-06-24 at PM 08.37.57

Volupza is my favourite store when I’m shopping for lingerie and beach wear!
The designs are unique and different from what we find in regular stores in malls.
For this special giveaway, stand a chance to win this two items!


This flowy chiffon maxi dress is so comfortable to be in!
It’s lightweight and suitable not only for the beach but also for our favourite Sunday brunches!
Check out this link for more pictures and measurements.
Quote “VOLUPZA DRESS” to win this item!

Or if you’re looking for a new bikini set, check out this bikini seat in emerald green!
Green and gold makes such a perfect match!


Screen shot 2012-06-24 at PM 04.35.25

Check out more pictures of this bikini set and pictures of the bikini’s bottom here.
To win this item, simply quote “VOLUPZA BIKINI” in the comments field!

Screen shot 2012-06-24 at PM 08.38.14

Chichi Entourage is another one of my online store to visit whenever I’m shopping online.
The collections here are chic and sophisticated, service is excellent and delivery is always prompt!
Don’t we always can’t wait to lay our hands on our buys when we buy stuff online? Heh!



This skirt is one of the apparels at Chichi Entourage that caught my eye!
I love the material and how it flows when I wear it.
If you’re creative enough, it can also be worn as a dress with a belt!
Check out more pictures and measurements of the skirt here.
And quote “CHICHI SKIRT” to win this item!


This blouson is so comfortable to be in.
I love the prints of little bows and the colour is versatile so feel free to match it with pants, skirt or even shorts!
You can view more pictures here and see if you want to bring this item home!
Quote “CHICHI TOP” to win this item!

Screen shot 2012-06-24 at PM 11.16.55

Waffle Suitcase not only has a cute name but also lots of adorable apparels to boot!
Whether you’re the girl-next-door or the strong and independent working woman, this place will have something for you.
For today’s giveaway, don’t miss this shop if you like this two items:


This one-piece really makes me feel young again!
I love the prints and colour of this piece and it just makes everyday feel like a Sunday when I’m in this outfit.
Quote “WAFFLE DRESS” to bring this item home!


This purple chiffon top is also oh-so-versatile.
I think it will look great with a pair of sharp pencil skirt and it will immediately transform into a corporate wear.
Or if you want to play it down, then pair it with a pair of shorts like what I did!
Quote “WAFFLE TOP” to win this item.

Screen shot 2012-06-24 at PM 08.27.27

Pret-A-Tote is the new online bags store to watch!
Whether it’s clutches, totes or other arm candies, they have a huge variety of products here to steal your breath away.
For today’s giveaway, see if you would like to bring any of these arm candies home!



This clutch makes you look like a tough cookie instantly!
It’s spacious and still looks very compact, great for dinners or just for a night out with girlfriends.
Quote “PRETATOTE CLUTCH” to win this item!


I am also loving this vintage looking red handbag.
Vintage is all the rage now and this handbag is going to complete any vintage or girly look.
Dress it up with your favourite scarf or bag charms, this is going to be a gorgeous gem!
Quote “PRETATOTE HANDBAG” to bring this item home!

Screen shot 2012-06-24 at PM 08.27.36

The last store featured in today’s Giveaway has some of the my favourite items!
Static Fumes has been in the industry for quite a while,
and they never fail to give me pleasant surprises with every one of their collections!


Win this Aztec print cropped tee by quoting “STATIC FUMES CROPPED” in the comments field.
Alternatively, if what caught your eye is this printed top made with great materials,
quote “STATIC FUMES PRINTS” instead.


I hope you like the 30 items from 15 different online stores today!
Remember to just leave a comment and list the items (up to 3) that you’re interested in winning!
Do double check the email address you leave behind too because that’s how I will be contacting you for further details.

LIKE this post or give it a heart to let me know if you like Giveaway posts too!
Lots of love from me and all 15 participating online stores!

Till next time!

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  1. Fang says

    I’m loving the bright yellow cherry flaunt dress! Would be over the moon if I won it 😀
    Pick me! *raises hand*


  2. Fang says

    I’m loving the bright yellow cheery flaunt dress! Would be over the moon if I won it 😀
    Pick me! *raises hand*


  3. Hi peggy!

    I love


    This post is awesome :D:D:D


  4. Shi Tieng says

    I would love to win:

    Thanks for having this awesome giveaway! 😀


  5. Eileen Poo says


    Nice pink dot entry btw;) Still looking good as ever!


  6. hi there,
    i know this sound random.. but can i know where did u get your brown strap shoes? thankyou!!



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  8. Hi Peggy!

    Let’s hope I get luncky and get to have these 3 items from you if not, at least 1 please.. -jokes-

    I am really keen in these


    Thanks in advance! Xoxo Cindy


  9. I’m a few moment too late and was just about to brush it off, giving this giveaway a miss since the deadline is up but I figured that I should stop letting opportunities slip away and give it a try whenever I have the ability to. Please excuse the exaggeration 😀

    Hopefully I’ll still have a slight chance at:

    I love traveling – Wanderlust. And I love cafe hopping as well! Love reading about you and A too because I can relate 🙂


  10. Az! says

    Hi Peggy :))) I would love to win either of this 🙂

    1. Treslovechic top
    2. Waffle top champagnelife crimson

    Ty so much! I love your blog 🙂


  11. Stephanie Teo says

    although i might pass e deadline. decided to give it a try as I will really wish to get one of e three item. =)

    1. Kestano top
    2. Volupza Bikini
    3. Pretatote handbag



  12. Shiyu says

    I wan to win “Flaunt Blouse” as i love the MJ-inspired sparrows printed blouse in navy blue. Easy to match with any pants/skirt/shorts for work, gathering or a night out with our dearest girlfriends.

    Hope i am selected as one of the winner.


  13. Cindy Wee says

    Completely falling in love with your giveaway and was hopping for a chance to win these:


    Favour me as I’m your avid fan! Cheers!


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