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Ukulele Night

A’s first time.

“You love me more in a minute than anyone could in a life.”

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Peggy is an independent blogger from Singapore who has a penchant for impromptu travel plans and good caffe lattes. She is the co-owner of two little cafes, The Tiramisu Hero and Butter My Buns, and hopes to be able to see the world someday; one stop at a time.


  1. Andrea says

    Peggy, the way A looks at you is so sweet. You’re a lucky girl to have found the other special girl.


  2. Denise says

    I love how A looks at you and sings, especially when she says “marry me”. Awwww. :’)


  3. Looks like it’s just a lesbian blog of you and aileen. Plain disgusting! It’s just a matter of time you get dumped when she is done with u!


  4. meadows says

    Hi Peggy,

    Your drawings and scribbles are really cute – just wondering if your inspirations come from Gemma Correll? There seem to be a lot of similarities between your doodles & her website, and in fact some you’ve also featured some of her doodles on your site? Seems like TheTiramisuHero’s looks and the entire design is inspired by her blog too! Cute!


    • Thank you so much for the very nice comments. πŸ™‚ They made me smile.

      Rinko – She looked at me at “wherever you are, I wanna be” because she sang it wrongly. Haha.

      Andrea – Yes we are indeed lucky to have each other. Thank you for commenting!

      abc – I am so glad we don’t have too many homophobes like you around, if not humanity would be dead. Please don’t procreate.

      Sinsin – I think we will all starve to death if we were to depend on our busking. Lol. I suggest more wong boks from the local NTUCs. :p


  5. Rinko says

    That was so good! I love it especially when A started to look at you, at the sentence “wherever you are, I wanna be” and “Marry me”.. That was super sweet and my heart melted!


    • Molly – Sure I’ll go take a listen! πŸ™‚

      d – thank you d! hope you had a great vday too!

      nat – I think it helps a little because I had prior experience with the guitar. But I think it’s MUCH easier than the guitar. Smaller, easier to handle and the strings are not so painful to press on. Practise practise practise and you’ll be able to play it too! Watch some tutorials on Youtube, I think they are very helpful! Good luck!


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