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We Are Six

Screen shot 2013-03-03 at PM 08.44.58

It was Nuffnang’s 6th Anniversary Birthday Bash last week and it was really a fun night for me.
It’s rare to be able to meet up with all the other bloggers and hang out together!
The bash was held at Ballymoons, a pretty cosy bar in town area.
As for the theme, it was 60s! Hahaha.
So I dug out all of my makeup and sat in front of my laptop and watched many Youtube clips
in hopes of learning how to put on a 60s makeup for the party.

After a very long time fiddling around and lots of appalling gasps about how strange I look in the makeup,
I finally had enough courage to leave home with this crazy eye makeup.
I think I look like a drag queen. Haha.


How? Haha. Do I look 10% like Twiggy? LOL!


I think this is the first Ballymoons is filled with many many bloggers. Hahaha!
And when we get together, there will be a lot of picture taking. Heh!


Qiuting looks like a REAL LIFE BARBIE! SO CUTE LOR!


And of course, with Wendy too, who made preggy look so adorable!


I am also loving my new dress from Runway Bandits!
The colours are really pretty and totally fits the psychedelic feel of the theme.


I also saw Diya there and she was really nice to pass me some merchandises and her album and EP!
Now I’m totally hooked on this song from 插班生’s album!


And of course with Silver! This woman is ah siao one. Haha.



The next day, I was determined to give my skin some loving because of the amount of makeup I had on for the party.
Visited My Glamourous Factory for a nice pampering session! Wee!
They did the aromatherapy facial for me and it was so relaxing.
Never had a facial where there was so much massaging before! Hahahaha.

Screen shot 2013-03-03 at PM 10.22.16

a: 21 McCallum Street The Clift #01-10 Singapore 069074
t: 66368236

Give them a call and if you want to give them a try.
It’s a nice place to run to for a quick facial or to get your nails done during lunch or after work if you work nearby.

Attended an event for Lancôme (thanks to Evonne’s invitation!) and was pampered with the new products they have!
I have been religiously following instructions and used the new Genifique & Visionnaire range every day and night.
The effects are really very good!


Even A also commented that both our skin has become noticeably brighter. Heh!
Looks like monthly facials and great skincare is really the way to go.
Note to self: Cannot be lazy!


I also want to share this funny picture of A’s.
We were at a traffic light and she wanted to have some sweets while I was camwhoring.
She opened the pack and realized all her gummies have melted.


She looks so disappointed in there!
We are wearing our new tops from Runway Bandits!
I love the details at the back of my top, shall share it the next time I wear it.

We had a little time off on Saturday so we went shopping!
But because we are a little bit auntie, we went all the way to Jurong Point.
Wanted to have dinner at a nice place but it’s so crowded everywhere!
So we ended up in some beef noodles place.


I’m wearing my new overall from Cassis!
It is super comfortable and very flattering too. I look super tall in it, I like it. Heh!
If you haven’t heard of this store, remember to check them out.
There are a lot of nice stuff on their website, and here is just a few to show you what to expect in there. Hee.

Screen shot 2013-03-03 at PM 10.42.45

Before I end off today’s post, I want to share a piece of good news for The Tiramisu Hero!
After Grammah, hic’Cup and The Lawn, we will soon be welcoming our 4th distributing store!


It has been really exciting for A and I for the last 7 months.
We officially launched The Tiramisu Hero website on 6th August last year (which is my birthday, by the way)
and there is no turning back since then.
We want to specially thank Jayne, Vernon, Justin and Bernie for bringing The Tiramisu Hero to The Burger Bar!
We cannot wait to start the ball rolling!

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