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Our 2nd Christmas

Christmas is just round the corner again! There is no doubt the Christmas season is my favourite time of the year, not only because everyone is in a good mood generally, but also because there are lots of gatherings & parties! I love those! The cafe is my second home, and it’s always fun decorating the cafe for Christmas. Heh! I love such things la! For Christmas, I got a little dipped fruits bouquet from Rainbowly! It’s pretty and it’s so yummy! As pretty as a regular bouquet, but better because it can be eaten. Muahahaha! :p Good as gifts, event decor or even for weddings! I like! My bouquet is made up of chocolate-coated pineapples and strawberries! SUPER DELICIOUS! :D” So pretty ya? 😀 This year, my staff and I had another lil party at the cafe and we had a few ex-staff join us. I cannot emphasise how happy I am to see them back at the cafe, and still having fun with the rest even though they aren’t working with us anymore. …

Heroes Phuket Trip

It almost feels like it was yesterday when the cafe just started – us doodling on the walls, scampering all around like headless chickens trying to make sure things go smoothly in the cafe, doing everything in the cafe on our own because we are constantly short-handed. How time flies. The Tiramisu Hero Cafe is almost one. We organised a little getaway for our staff to a fancy villa in Phuket to celebrate and to reward our staff for always being so awesome. This is a little wefie shot of us at the airport! All thanks to my brand new SONY Xperia C3, I managed to squeeze all 12 of us in a photo. I’m sure I can squeeze another 7-8 people in if there was more of us. :p

The Encounter

Before I begin, can I please say that I’m not getting paid a single cent to promote this. My tiramisu gang and I checked out The Encounter and it was a freaking awesome Escape Room! I haven’t been to a lot of escape rooms (only this one and another one called, and Encounter really blew my mind! We look pretty garang all decked up in our uniforms ya? :p

Out About Town

Is being busy a good enough excuse for MIA-ing on my blog? Heh. As much as I’ve been missing in action in here. I’ve actually been living a pretty exciting (real) life – meeting new people, taking up new jobs for blog, shows and also for the cafe. I’m turning 30 but I’m feeling more recharged than ever, more so than when I was in my early twenties. I hope the best is yet to come. I actually tried hosting an event for Sans & Sans a while ago! For the record, I never thought I could host ANYTHING. This is pretty embarrassing – I’ve actually been “scouted” to go for an audition for a popular English radio station before. But I screwed it up so bad I hardly even mention this to anyone. I was also scouted to go for an audition for a popular Chinese radio station, but in the end I decided to give it a miss because my ego was wounded. Hahaha! But looking back, I think I should be able …

On The Lawn

I’m sitting outside my cafe at one of the alfresco seats with a runny nose this Easter Sunday; watching the cafe run without lifting a finger and hearing indistinct “The Tiramisu Hero” uttered by strangers as they walk by the cafe. For some strange reasons, I have developed a very strong sensitivity to the word tiramisu after the cafe started. Some of them, who obviously cannot read cursive, thought the cafe is named The Tiramisu Here. Some thought Sir Antonio is a panda. Or a raccoon. (He is a cat, by the way.) I would smile at occasional friendly patrons and toddlers who, for some strange reasons, always like to stand at the glass doors and stare out at the world outside with their wide eyes. I also feel a sense of achievement whenever my customers try my tiramisu in the cafe and end up ordering a few more jars for takeaway. Other than being able to observe what goes on in the cafe and see what can be improved, I also get to eavesdrop …

Curry & Kandee

You must be thinking what kind of weird blog post title that is. You’ll know why in a short bit. I organised a little outing for The Tiramisu Hero people! It was the first time we head out together as a “company outing” so I was quite excited. We went to Casuarina Curry located at Thomson Road! The folks over there are really friendly.

Class of 2013

I am usually not a very gadget person but when it comes to any new technology or gadgets that can help make my blogging work easier, I would always be the first person to want to try it out! I just pocketed a new SD card from Toshiba called Flashair and it is just too cool! This is the first Toshiba SD card I have, and I wasn’t aware that they were the ones who set up the SD Association alongside other partners to develop and promote memory card storage standards! And they were the ones who invented the Flash memory too! They must be really good since they are the ones pioneered the technology. It comes with a detailed explanation on how to hook up any WiFi-enabled devices. Setup takes about 2 minutes and after a while, I’ll be able to see the pictures on my SD card from my phone!