Month: April 2013

Superhero Epicness

Chicken lovers, put your hands up! The new Zinger Double Down Max Burger is going to rock your (and my) world!! I attended the media tasting of this larger-than-life burger and I am so blown away by how addictive it tasted! My favourite part about this burger is that there is NO BUN! I don’t know about you but I always eat the buns the last (I eat my burgers part by part) just so I don’t have to force myself to eat the buns if I am already too full by the time I get to the buns. But with this new Zinger Double Down Max, I make sure the two chicken fillets are the first I get into my tum tum! There was actually a similar burger in 2012, called the Zinger Double Down. But this one takes it up another level because it has gotten bigger with an additional hash brown in the burger!

Jipaban Style Guide

I’m excited about the weekly Style Guides that are coming up on Jipaban’s website! So other than just shopping, they now also offer great advice on how to mix-and-match your items and tips on trends and fashion need-to-knows. I don’t know about you but I would always look through the Lookbook available on the shopping sites I frequent. So having the Style Guides on Jipaban is definitely going to benefit me! The Style Guide topic changes every week and it will provide fashion tips that are applicable to everyone. Jipaban’s Style Guides are contributions from their in-house and guests stylists! For this week, it would be “Solo Statements” – where you will get insights on how to make statement pieces work for you. Statement pieces in layman terms pretty much just means pieces that will immediately grab the attention of the people looking at you. It’s a must to at least have a few statement pieces because these are the ones that will immediately make your outfit look more interesting. And because Jipaban challenged me …

Love The Weather!

Chatted with my university hall mate Mikeller couple of days back and she told me about this Sloggi flash mob that will be taking place in town. I was there for gym that day and I caught it! Hahaha. Here are some pictures of the flash mob – the “weather girls” were decked in their new collection of lingerie and cute raincoats! Traffic stopping indeed!