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If you like what you see in the picture, then you are not alone!
For those who haven’t heard of the few websites that help you convert your Instagram pictures into magnets,
Stickygram is one of the many that is available.
I’ve been looking at a few of these sites and decided to try this one out, thought it look quite cute!
I shall move on and try the other websites and see which one has the best quality.
(Just an excuse to convert more of my Instagram pictures into magnets!)
If you also want to have your own Stickygram magnets done,
the discount code “FRIENDK40D” gives you $2 off the original price of $15.

I also attended a Clarisonic event at Sculpture Square to introduce one of their latest product, the Clarisonic Plus.
It’s fun to see the girls again too.
And we look like a frigging box of crayons with all the different coloured hair we have. Haha!

Clarisonic header

I just realised I took the picture was taken at a horrible time when the screen was not working. Urps.


Valerie also shared some of the Greedy Chimp snack bags with us!
They are all of different colours and it’s really cute.
We have all heard of Beauty Boxes and Greedy Chimp is the first snacks bag in Singapore (I think).
Don’t we all love surprises?
I think not knowing what is inside the bag is actually quite fun. Heh!
(but I do know that it’s all of good quality stuff because Valerie is such a health buff
and we know she will only put good stuff in! Haha!)


We are looking like a box of crayons again. Haha.
By the way, just a shoutout – if you like the subtle violet-red tone of my hair,
you can just head on down to Shunji Matsuo 313 to look for Caely!
I think you can just tell her you want the same colour as me and leave it to her to perform the magic.


I am also loving my new bag from Bricks And Bolsas!
You probably can’t really see the details from the picture below but there are actually a lot of studs at the bottom of the bag.
Pretty much like the classic A.Wang design.


The bag also comes with a zipper at the side for easy access to your cellphones.
(I for one, ALWAYS lose my cellphone in my bag!)
As for my lovely white vest, it’s from my favourite online store Runway Bandits!

Lunch with A was at Beanstro at Ngee Ann City.
We were bored of the typical restaurants in there and when we walked by Beanstro,
A commented that she used to love the salads from Coffee Bean when she was in college.
So we decided to check out Beanstro and see what they have to offer.


Very typical restaurant kind of pricing I’d say.
But I was pleasantly surprised because the menu is pretty extensive!
We picked all of the “Chef Recommendations” (unknowingly). Heh! I guess that happens to a lot of us.

The salad was REALLY good. Like REALLY shiok!
The salmon slices was fresh and I love the seasoning of the salad –
flavourful but not too much to kill my appetite for the rest of my meal.


I had Vongole pasta with squid ink spaghetti and A had cod fish.
The taste of the pasta was quite good but I wish the pasta was a little more al dente.
I realised there isn’t much of a white wine taste too, but after checking with the staff,
they explained that they are a Halal cafe so they have eliminated the wine and replaced it with other flavourings.
But still, not too bad!


A’s cod fish is a very healthy choice and it looked really good.
The taste was really good although we would prefer to have the cod fish a little less dry.
It’s up to personal preference though, so do make sure you communicate with the staff if you go there. 🙂
The service was really good and the staff were really attentive.


a: 391 Orchard Road #B1-37 Ngee Ann City Singapore 238872
t: 6235 1610
hours: Monday to Sunday 8am – 11pm



I’ve also been busy with setting up The Tiramisu Hero’s corner in The Burger Bar at Far East Plaza.
We are really excited to be in The Burger Bar and can’t wait to let people know more about our tiramisu!
Thank you Bernie, Vernon and Justin for allowing us to have our Sir Antonio stickers all over the shop! Hahaha.


Also met The Muttons at the SOL REPUBLIC Tokidoki headphones launch held in ION Orchard.
If you are a music buff and a fan of Tokidoki, then this must be a dream come true for you!
I love the design of the new headphones and was also amazed when they showed me how “bendable” the headphones were.

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at AM 05.27.22
Screen shot 2013-03-14 at AM 05.26.58
Screen shot 2013-03-14 at AM 05.27.07
Screen shot 2013-03-14 at AM 05.27.13
Screen shot 2013-03-14 at AM 05.27.27
Screen shot 2013-03-14 at AM 05.27.36

Special thanks to Vernon who introduced A and I to Joanne and Priscilla,
and Amanda for extending the invitation to us.
The headphones I brought home was of a classic SOL Republic design and I’m so loving it!
Priscilla and I spoke about doing a giveaway of the headphones to my readers and I thought that was exciting.
LIKE this entry and let me know if you think you would like something like that!

Tata for now! ❤



  1. Maggie Poy says

    Hi Peggy!! I liked your this entry.. I hope to win the headphones for my hubby.. dunno much abt headphones but this looks cool on you.. =D

    Maggie Mee


    • Maggie – Sure! I have spoken to the peeps from SOL REPUBLIC and we’ll be doing a Giveaway real soon once the stocks are in! 🙂

      Emily – Yups the prize would be the headphones! Will let you girls know when the giveaway details are ready!


  2. Emily says

    A giveaway would be great! Especially if the prize is such an awesome pair of headphones:)


  3. Felicia says

    Hi Peggy,
    Really liked the way how u style ur hair! Especially for the pic that was taken with ur white vest.
    Will be great if u can write a post based on tips for hair styling 😉


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