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The Fabulous Baker Boy


It’s weekend!
I was as happy as a bird with a french fry today because we get to check out a new cafe.
This time round, we went to The Fabulous Baker Boy at River Valley Road!


It is a nice and spacious place but I think it can get a little too warm in the afternoon.
They only have 3 indoor seats so unless you love the sun, I think this place is more enjoyable in the evening.
I love how they recycled the pellets and used them as furnitures though! Brilliant!

The look and feel of the branding is SO cute!
I also love the name Fabulous Baker Boy – so gay! Hahahaha.


A, Lianie and I were really hungry when we got there!
I got a little excited when I saw the menu because although it is not extremely extensive,
they still have cakes, pasta, sandwiches and what not.
So when we were told that there is no food in the afternoon and dinner only starts at 6.30pm, our hearts sank.
All they had was cake!
And the COFFEE MACHINE is not working!

Oh my god.

I have to admit – I was SO disappointed.

And so, I only had a San Pellegrino and the two other girls had tea.
OK la, the place still looks quite cute la.
Everybody else just eating cake and drinking water. LOL.


I heard a lot about the Red Velvet cake at The Fabulous Baker Boy and hope I will be able to try it someday.
Decided not to have the cakes today because I am typical kind of person who needs savoury food before the sweet.
Didn’t feel that the food was very value for money (well I could be wrong – maybe the food is really really good) and service was quite meh.
There was no one at the counter when we were there and the server decided to cut cakes than to attend to us.

Oh well.
I don’t feel like a very nice person today. Hahaha sorry!
If you love cakes (I heard the cakes here are good), check them out.
I’m sure it’s not called The Fabulous Baker Boy for nothing. 🙂

Screen shot 2013-03-16 at AM 05.57.33

Well, at least my awesome new lace top made my day a little better!
Thank you She Represents for the VERY VERY pretty lace top.
I LOVE this so much and the cut is just super flattering!
I am so going to wear this to the next wedding dinner or function I am attending. *grins*
Enjoy 10% off when you quote “PEGSREPRESENTS” at your next purchase.
So click on the picture below and visit the shop and see if anything tickles your fancy!


And my cute moustache watch from Damsel In DisDress!
It’s going at only $10 on the website and they have like tons of other stuff on sale.
I saw a couple other pantsuits and tops that I am SO gonna grab too.

Screen shot 2013-03-16 at AM 05.49.16

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