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I am absolutely thrilled to be blogging about MUSEO because this place is SO cute!
I’m no expert when it comes to fine arts but there is always something about museums that attracts me.
When I heard that MUSEO is the place where arts married great food, I was immediately sold!

Although it is off the main island and tucked in a corner at Sentosa Cove,
I was not turned off by the distance because it is quite refreshing to “run away” sometimes.
Unfortunately, I was not so turned on when I realized that the entrance fee into Sentosa is now at 7 bucks per car! *sweats*

MUSEO is one of many restaurants located by the bay.
Right next to the entrance into the carpark so it’s really pretty convenient.
The first thing you enter the restaurant is this huge projection of the restaurant’s name at the ceiling!


I love the decor of the place – simple but so many pretty things to feast my eyes on.
Everything from the crockery to the utensils to the servers’ uniforms is adorable and photo-worthy!

We were initially given one of these bar tables.


Right next to each seat is a blank canvas and tubes of acrylic paint, brushes and other equipments under the table.
All customers are welcomed to let loose and start painting if they feel like it.
With glass windows all around and the great view, I think it would be a great way to unwind during or after a meal.

And here! I LOVE the plates!


We then requested for a proper table (because the bar table is going to be too small for us to pile on tons of food on)!


I love the presentation of the food at MUSEO.
All the servers were proactive, friendly and helpful, and it had inevitably made the experience more enjoyable.

A and I were there for their High Tea Buffet which takes place over the weekends between 1.30pm to 5pm.
And get this – I am going to share this despite the running the risk of
being caught in a line the next time I’m there –
they are having a 1-FOR-1 promotion now to celebrate their recent Grand Opening and the buffet is only at $48+ per pax!
Heh! You can find the contact number to make reservations below. Thank me later! :p


Sorry I eat like a mouse but I simply cannot bring myself to cover too much of that gorgeous plate!


The buffet comes with free flow of tea and other drinks.
See how pretty my rose tea looked!


There is a huge range of delectable desserts and sweets to choose from too.


We were surprised when the bartender came over and asked us if we wanted a cocktail.
Instead of handing us the menu, he asked us what we liked and how we felt that day,
and mentioned that he will prepare something for us according to our preferences.

We got our pretty cocktails that totally fits the bill!


Gotta say I love the presentation of the cocktails too!

Here are the details to MUSEO and I hope you will enjoy yourself as much as I do if you’re thinking about heading there!

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at AM 06.20.17

It was a nice “PAT TOR” day for A and myself. Highlight of my week! Heh.


I am so in love with my lime green sweater from Runway Bandits!
In fact, I’m a total sucker for sweaters these days – especially the ones made with lighter fabric.
It makes them comfortable to be in regardless of the weather.
Here are some of my current faves!


Totally digging the printed sweater from November 11 too!
Cropped tops are in and this one makes a great wardrobe staple.


November 11 is currently having a giveaway on their Facebook Page where people like you and me can just
LIKE and SHARE the albums or apparels we like and have a chance of getting it for FREE!
There is also an upcoming promotion where shoppers at November 11″ will receive a $5 rebate for their next purchase too.

I hope you liked what I had for you today!
Till next time!


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