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So Fly


* Posted this before I left for the Europe trip but no idea why it didn’t get posted at all! So here it is anyway! *

I am less than 24 hours away from my flight out of Singapore.
I am also seriously sleep-deprived. Urgh.
There are still tons of work to clear and my rucksack is still sitting at a corner of the room, unpacked.
The makeup on my face is stale and dull.
I’m sitting on my chair half naked blogging like a man because the weather is just insanely unbearable.
On my desk, there are lists of “To Dos” and “To Brings”.
Rihanna’s STAY is on repeat.

And I am SO DYING to escape.

My long awaited Europe trip is finally here.

Before I collapse, I am going to be a good girl and do up one more blog post!

I’ve been a real lucky girl because as I was fussing about what to wear when I’m overseas,
I received many many clothes in my mailbox all thanks to my favourite online stores.

This grey chiffon tube might not be very suitable for the cold early spring weather in Europe,
but it sure is god sent in Singapore’s climate!
Thank you Trixs’ Shoppe for this very very pretty top!

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at AM 05.44.43

I’ve also been out painting the town red with Beatrice and other outstanding bloggers at one of Fly Entertainment’s event.
It was at Fry Bistro at Club Street area and I just love that place.
Alfresco dining is always my thang. *winks*

It was such a fun gathering and other than Bea and Miss Gitzy, I also got introduced to Bagaholic Boy!
Uber fan girl moment for me! Hehehe.


With Jeannette from Fly.


Also met Crystal and fashion blogger Zean.
Gotta also emphasize how I love Zean’s peektures on her Instagram!


Also met the amazing Bubba Mama Katherine Sng who is such an inspiration!
This is one woman who is strong and independent. *hugs*


Kat and Bea (and Bea’s sexy leg) haha.


We also got introduced officially to Irene who is just SO funny in real life.
I really respect her for the things she does and looking at her motivates me to work my ass off to become somebody too.


And hello hello! The Bobby Tonelli! Hahaha.
Don’t know why he feels a little Ricky Martin-ish in this photo. Heh.
Where got people so handsome one huh.


Thank you, peeps at Fly Entertainment for the invitation and fab evening!
And Bea for passing me the pictures from your camera 🙂

The girls and I also created havoc at Juicy Couture’s party earlier this week.
We had our own little party on their party. Hahaha.
I’m looking like a ghost at the party again due to serious lack of sleep.
Doesn’t help that the lights in the store is horrible for pictures too.
Think I might need to check in not just my rucksack but also include my 2 eye bags tomorrow.

I also brought my new peplum top (I really don’t like the word peplum v much) out for a walk.
It comes padded so no need to wear bra, very fab.
Thank you Swee from Runway Bandits for spoiling me like that!
Is love you! 😀



And one more OOTD shot before I hurry off to pack up for the trip!
Thank you Muse & Love for your loving and I dig the top you’ve sent me.
So comfortable to be in and the prints are so cute! I love the horsies! :p

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at AM 05.42.01

You know how some online stores have really small collections and they always bore me.
Muse & Love has a massive collection and I like how they have a wide variety.
Not all the dresses are girly girl type so it’s totally up my alley.
You girls should really just click on their URL above and check it out.

Alright and that is all I have for you!
Will be back again soon reporting live from Paris!
Au revoir!


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