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Tokyo Bust Express

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at AM 05.30.40

A stalk of fresh sunflower greeted me the moment I stepped into Tokyo Bust Express
at City Square Mall for my first treatment with them.
From what I understand, they chose the flowers according to how their customers make them “feel” so
I guess I’m very “sunflower-ish” to them. Heh!

Before I continue, I want to thank the team at Tokyo Bust Express for their hospitality and patience
with the explanation about the common problems women have about their busts and
how the treatments can help with using all natural ingredients.
I have never thought that I would be visiting a place like Tokyo Bust Express
because my boobs never really gave me much problems because they are so puny (no pun intended).
But I would have to say the discussion with the team and seeing the BEFORE/AFTER effects of the treatment
really made me realize caring for our breasts should start early.

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at AM 05.30.53

This is myself with Taylor, one of the specialists at Tokyo Bust Express.
She really knows her stuff!
And to be honest, I was initially quite shy talking about my boobs.
Afterall, how often does one talk about what problems one has with one’s boobs right?
But she is really professional and made me feel very comfortable.
Just like how I usually talk to my beautician and tell her what problems I have with my skin,
I just tell Taylor what problems I have with my boobs and she will recommend something for me.

Taylor also explained to me how the treatments are carried out and
how it is all natural with herbs and other ingredients like Fenugreek seeds extracts,
Mexican wild yam root, hops flowers and also Pueraria Mirifica which is a native herbal plant
that contains high level of natural phyto-estrogens
which can elevate the appearance of female secondary sexual characteristics and also skin beauty!

There was also a short assessment of my boobs before she decides on what sort of treatment I need.

Something else very interesting is she actually took measurements of the position of my breasts before the treatment
– distance between nipples, distance from middle of collar bone to each nipple,
so that I can compare the effects immediately after the treatment!
Shall talk more about it later in the post. Heh!

The treatment room was all floral and pink and nice smelling!
I love how they have decorated the room with fresh rose petals too!

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at AM 05.31.09
Screen shot 2013-05-09 at AM 05.31.39

That’s me looking all comfy before the treatments!

It started with a relaxing massage to loosen me up and prep me for the rest of the treatments.
The therapists were friendly and very knowledgeable.
I like how she was very attentive to how I feel and will ask me how I feel occasionally.

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at AM 05.31.54

I received a scrub before the Padded Machine which is a state-of-the-art equipment to help tone the breasts.
There was also a Bust-Up Therapy that helps in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
It is very important because it will help to stimulate the mammary glands to be more enhanced, thus firming up the breasts.
And of course, healthier breasts means chances of getting breast cancer is lower too!

But the most interesting experience of all has got to be the Suction Therapy
where they placed two suction cups over my boobs. Hahaha!
Suddenly made me feel like I’m Madonna or something. :p
The purpose of that was to shape the breasts and helps to correct their positions.

This is really something new to me because I’ve never visited any other places to care for my boobs
before and all of their equipment really fascinated me!

And more importantly, I’m sure you would want to know how the results were like? 😀


I mean, it was almost like magic because I did the measurements just an hour earlier and
I can virtually see with my own eyes how the shape of the breasts looked different
and the position of the nipples have changed.
Haha! That sounds really awkward but it’s really amazingly true!

The positions moved by like a hefty 1 to 2cm!
And we all know that 1 to 2cm when it comes to the position of the nipples ya? Haha.

My visit to Tokyo Bust Express has made me more conscious about my breasts and
how I can make them look better by treating them better.
No more sleeping on my belly and I will wear less strapless bras
to make sure the two badangdangs get the support their require.

I don’t want to look like that female teacher in Southpark.

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at AM 05.32.13

So if you are worried that you might look like you’re carrying papayas around when you’re old too,
then it’s time to act now. Heh! :p

But of course, I asked the consultants whether the results are permanent and they were very honest with me.
Well I don’t expect the results to be instantaneous and permanent with one treatment too
(if not there will be no more saggy boobs in this world).
According to the therapists, you need about 4 to 5 sessions for the effects to last.
No ugly girls in this world, only the lazy ones.
I need to constantly remind myself to keep up with the treatments and change some of the habits I have.

Special thanks to Taylor and team from Tokyo Bust Express for hooking me up!

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at AM 05.32.25

Now you can have awesome boobs and witness the difference yourself!
Simply answer the question below to receive a special Tokyo Bust Express treatment package!

SIXPEGS Boost-Me-Up Special!

Q: Where did I receive my pampering Tokyo Bust Express Treatments?
o City Square Mall
o Park Mall
o Square 2
o Nex

All entries will receive:

• Personalised Bust Analysis
• 4 COMPLIMENTARY Bust-Booster Treatments worth $1688
• Bust Volume Starter’s Kit worth $688!

You can submit your entries here or call 6262 6161.
Go and try it out and you will know what I’m talking about. Heh!

*Don’t forget to mention the blog when you are at Tokyo Bust Express as well ya! 🙂

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Peggy is an independent blogger from Singapore who has a penchant for impromptu travel plans and good caffe lattes. She is the co-owner of two little cafes, The Tiramisu Hero and Butter My Buns, and hopes to be able to see the world someday; one stop at a time.


  1. Eileen – Ding ding ding! Correct. Haha.

    W – I think you have to check with the Tokyo Bust Express staff. Go try out their treatments and see if you like it 🙂


  2. Hey Peggy, i went to try it out today.. Really just to try it out!
    They were really pushy about it and didn’t wanna make me leave 😦
    So in the end I signed up on the spot. And she asked me to sign up for another package. just realised that the 4 complimentary sessions u mentioned here are q different! 😦 i think their marketing department don’t really communicate w the sales staff cus i didnt mention ur blog.
    Perhaps u shld add a caveat in your post to ask those interested to rmb to mention this!


  3. S – Oh no that’s not very nice. But on the bright side, I feel that their treatments really work and I honestly saw results immediately after the treatment. But they told me that the effects will not last with just one treatment so need to go for like at least 4 to 5 treatments. I think they will also give you some cream that you can use after shower also. I will feedback to the marketing people from Tokyo Bust that I’ve been liaising with and let them know ok? Added a reminder at the end of the post in case those who are interested didn’t mention the blog too. 🙂 And hey thank you for your feedback! I hope you like the treatments also!


  4. Hi Peggy! Someone called me from Tokyo Bust Express earlier telling me that I answered the question correctly. And they invited me over. Yay. So I went to Tokyo Bust Express earlier… and they suggested another treatment for me because I need more firming not enhancing. I really wanted to try out their complimentary service first but sadly, they wouldn’t let me. They told me that I’d see more effect when I try their firming service. But I’m glad they gave me a discount on their services. It’s actually fascinating how the breasts really improved. The massage after the machine was just really painful though. Anyway, I love reading your blog. 🙂 Have a great day!


  5. Lynn says

    Hello Peggy, I have not been able to contact Tokyo bust express. Is there any way I can make appointment? Thanks!


  6. Hello Peggy!

    thanks for your awesome entry on this – never knew there’s such a thing as natural bust enhancement and i was really contemplating on a boob job 😦

    got a call from tokyo bust express recently and went down feeling excited – their treatments really did work and surprisingly no awkwardness at all! and i nv knew the treatments has health benefits, bcos my mum’s side of the family had issues with their bust. so im gonna bring my mum on the next visit 🙂

    oh and lynn, you can call 6262 6161 for enquiries!

    loving your blog, stay cool!


  7. Xin Er says

    Hi Peggy. By the way, I also went to Tokyo bust express to try it out after reading your blog. At first, they asked me to fill in a form and a consultant attend to me. She assessed my boobs and said the trial treatments cannot really show me the results I want so she draw out some programs for me to see. She is very friendly and professional and tats why I decided to purchase a smaller program at $488 first. The results was pretty good after one treatment of massage and I signed up another 5 more massages after seeing one time difference as the program I bought initially only got 1 massage. I dun knoe abt others but my results so far so good and i will continue to monitor the results but I hope that their price can go lower so I can buy more. thank you for recommending.


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