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To: The Future Me

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Dear Peggy,

This is 2013 and you are 28 this year.
You may be reading this again in Year 2018 or 2022 or perhaps even later.
No matter when it is, I hope you are still the same person.

Many people say life begins at one’s early twenties, but I guess yours started only in your late twenties.
Right now in 2013, you felt that you have finally grown up and embarking on the exhilarating journey of your life.

In 2011, after one year working for some company, you quit your job to pursue blogging –
something most people will not even regard as a profession.
Frankly, it was quite a bold move for a fresh graduate.
Blogging seemed fine at the beginning, you were making ends meet and
had the financial capabilities to provide for your family.
But things don’t always happen the way you want them to,
and you were lost when you realized you needed other sources of income.

There were times when you would be jealous of other people who were doing better than you.
The jealousy got the better of you sometimes and you broke down a couple of times because of the stress –
the bills piling up, the study loans you had to pay, and you felt old and unaccomplished compared to your counterparts.
You were very often pessimistic and had very low aspirations for your future.

Fortunately, you managed to pick yourself up after every fall,
and realized that someone up there has big plans for every single one of us, and all of us are good in different things.

Compared to many others, you are already a very blessed person.
I hope you still have the drive to keep dreaming and fight for what you want in life now.


In 2011, you suddenly turned gay.
After dating boys for a more than a decade, you decided that you had fallen in love with a woman.
It was a big turning point in your life because making such a decision would alter your path in life forever.
You will not be able to have biological children,
and probably not live long enough to be able to be legally married in Singapore.
You might die all alone when you are old because you might be kinless and childless.
But you made a mature decision to follow your heart anyway.
And you promised your girlfriend that you will try your very best to love her with all your best until the end of you.
You had a tattoo on your forearm that says JE NE CHANGE QU’EN MOURANT – I will not change until death.
Not only for love but for the person that you are now.
The two of you promised each other to work doubly hard to make the your dreams come true –
to be successful in life together, to do good, to care for the less fortunate,
to put effort into maintaining good family ties, to do your utmost best for all the animals you will care for together,
to love each other.

You were very in love with your girlfriend and you were very brave for her.
You have loving parents who supported you.
Your girlfriend was the person who stole your heart
and remember you promised that you would always be with her and be patient?


In 2012, the two of you started a venture together called The Tiramisu Hero.
It started out as something you do out of fun, but business picked up quickly and soon in 2013,
you guys were already planning for a cafe of your own.
It was a magical moment because it felt like the beginning of something big and exciting.
Having your own business, building your own home suddenly seem possible should everything turn out the way you imagined.

There were quarrels and disagreements.
You have never worked so hard in your life. You were always tired. You had less time for your family.
You always believed that family, friends or lovers should never be colleagues or business partners
because unhappiness at work would inevitably affect the relationships.
You and your girlfriend knew the possibilities of such things happening.
In movie Devil Wears Prada, they said if your work life is flourishing, your personal life must be in the ruins.
This quote left a deep impression in you.
Because of that, you also constantly remind yourself to always set aside some time
to spend quality time with your loved ones no matter what.

You might be doing well right now, or you might be struggling with some problems in life.
But I hope you will always stay true to your roots and remember who you are and what to live for in life.
Money is important but nothing beats the love from your family and that someone special whom you should always cherish.
Every relationship has their own set of problems, no matter who you are dealing with.
When you encounter a problem, face it and not run away from it.
Don’t go to bed feeling angry or unhappy. Always talk about it and get it resolved before the day ends.

I hope life is treating you good.


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Peggy is an independent blogger from Singapore who has a penchant for impromptu travel plans and good caffe lattes. She is the co-owner of two little cafes, The Tiramisu Hero and Butter My Buns, and hopes to be able to see the world someday; one stop at a time.


  1. Glad i was part of ur life in the first half of line #7. Haha! Must be thinking how Keith used to make life difficult for you =P

    Anyway, I’m so happy for you that you and your life partner can work towards a singular goal, and I think that will help keep bonds strong! =)


  2. Sonia says

    Wow. I needed to read that, thank you. All the best in the future, you go girl!


  3. Michelle says

    I have always believed in you even though you belittled yourself back in the Uni days, thinking that you’re a loser, repeating your modules, having no friend or no one to fall back on when you were so popular back in NTU. You thought that you’ll never see a day when you can make your parents feel proud of you. You have proved otherwise and I’m really proud of you. I’m glad that along the way, you have found yourself, your identity, and stay rooted in the right track towards a promising future.

    You have no idea Pegs, but you’re really very blessed and I was always envious of everything you had. If there’s one trait that I can wish for from you, it would be your tenacity! Strive on girl power 🙂



  4. 9in says

    Dear Peggy, I am very inspired by your post. I turned gay recently as well, as I’ve met my best friend in life. She’s not perfect either, but we really treasure one another. I think that the bottom line is to treat yourself kind, and treat others kind. There are many plans and roads that we have to go thru, but its not the journey that matters, its the companions like our family and friends.


  5. Verlene says

    Hi Peggy,

    I am always inspired by you in life and how you handle it. Be strong and let faith guide you through. Do not be affected by what others do coz they can never be U. You are unique as who you are.

    What matters is what we can create in our life with whatever we have , that’s an achievement. You have done it! =)

    Even though we might age through time, but i always believe that with age, it only means that we are able to handle things better in life and moving towards the happiness that awaits.

    Take good care! I wish you all the best in all endeavors you do!=)


  6. Jasmine says

    Can you do a blogpost about how you become a blogger you’re today? :))


  7. Amanda says

    It was an extremely brave thing to admit ur fears and defeat to the world. And to see you rose up from that is simply inspirational. I’m so happy for you and I know you’ll fight on wadeva life brings you

    From ur short-lived-colleague from the “suome company”


  8. Sarah says

    Thank you for being so inspirational.
    This has made me feel that I really can become fluent in Chinese and move to Taiwan.
    Those have always been my dreams, but I don’t think I’ll just let my dreams be dreams anymore. Time to take things into my hands and do what I know will make me happy.
    Thank you!


  9. Cham says

    Randomly chanced upon this entry and can I just say, si char bor! it really touched me. *big hugz* =)


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