Month: May 2013

Tommy Hilfiger

My Portagrams are finally here! It’s so fun to have my Instagram pictures transformed into little pictures that I can decorate my fridge and cupboards with. In fact, I’m thinking of getting a whole wall of Portagrams!! I ordered 20 Portagrams this time round, check out what I got. 🙂 I have discount code SIXPEGS on the website so if you’re thinking about getting yourself some Portagrams, don’t forget to mention the code to get 15% off! Portagram is also found on Facebook and on Instagram as @letsportagram.

How To Be Successful

It is really happening. Today, 9 months and 14 days after we started an online store selling tiramisu, we made a big decision. We are going to start a cafe. OUR very own! I am scared. Petrified, to be honest. This is going to be the biggest step I have taken in my life and something I put my whole self into. As thrilled as I can be, I cannot help but worry about all the possibilities about the shop failing, and us losing everything we have built so far. We are at the point where we are at the end of a cliff, waiting for the next step. We have wings but we are not sure if they can make us fly. But if we stay put in this comfort zone and waiting for someone to build a bridge for us, for someone to make things happen, we will never know if we can take flight. This has been such a steep learning curve and I think I have never worked so hard in …

Tokyo Bust Express

A stalk of fresh sunflower greeted me the moment I stepped into Tokyo Bust Express at City Square Mall for my first treatment with them. From what I understand, they chose the flowers according to how their customers make them “feel” so I guess I’m very “sunflower-ish” to them. Heh! Before I continue, I want to thank the team at Tokyo Bust Express for their hospitality and patience with the explanation about the common problems women have about their busts and how the treatments can help with using all natural ingredients. I have never thought that I would be visiting a place like Tokyo Bust Express because my boobs never really gave me much problems because they are so puny (no pun intended). But I would have to say the discussion with the team and seeing the BEFORE/AFTER effects of the treatment really made me realize caring for our breasts should start early.