Month: December 2013

The Plot

I received these lovely friendship bands that I absolutely love! From SAB FARO, these bands represents an inspiration of life itself I am grateful to adorn the Sab Pistol which embodies dreams and ambitions! I also got a few more in various colours and shared them with my close friends. 😀 And we decided to wear them as anklets!

Movie Stub Cycle

You just celebrated your 3rd year anniversary. You are so lucky to meet someone whom you can be so comfortable with. Then you remembered how it was like when you first met him/her, sleep was the least important thing you need, all you look forward to everyday is a text or a call. You send each other MMSes to constantly update each other what you are looking at / doing / eating at that moment. You collect all the movie ticket stubs. And you can remember his/her birth date, address, cellphone number. Every outing was interesting – you learned how to appreciate recitals when you don’t even like music, you made yourself find out more about what the different football clubs are, you started playing computer games, started knitting, picked up a new language, took a plane alone, started writing poems, composed songs, handmade cards, changed your fashion style to look more compatible with him/her, started going to the gym, go to a new gym, stopped going to gym because you have no more time, …

The Routine

Sometimes, I cannot believe that I am actually almost 30 years old. It felt like it wasn’t too long ago when I was still an undergraduate, in my late teens, having the time of my life. When I try to make myself feel better, I would always tell myself that a woman is at her most attractive in her 30s. (but I do agree to some extent so it is not entirely just something I tell myself in self denial) A woman in her 30s is wise, mature, confident and most probably knows how to carry herself well. If that is not attractive and sexy, I don’t know what is. Fortunately for me, I’m living in a time where modern science has helped slow down the ageing process and there are so many new ways to make “looking pretty” more attainable. These are some of my favourite beauty treatment, gadgets, go-to places and products – you might want to try them if you think they might help you too. 🙂

A Christmas Fable

It is my favourite season of the year again – Christmas! Although we don’t get fluffy white snow or the chance to be all wrapped up in the cold, there is always this atmosphere in the air that is so full of love and giving whenever Christmas is around the corner. Christmas in Singapore could mean many things – late night shopping, excuse to splurge on expensive gifts (for family, friends or oneself!) and something unique for Singaporeans is we would always look forward to the light-up at Orchard Road and see what’s new with the decor of the shopping malls in that area! This year, I checked out the very building I did my internship in – TripleOne Somerset. Always loved that place because of all the fond memories and also because it is just a stone’s throw away from Somerset MRT station. And of course, because it is packed with lots of retail shops to keep me entertained! Oh, and have you checked out their Christmas theme for this year? It feels just …