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Out About Town

Is being busy a good enough excuse for MIA-ing on my blog?


As much as I’ve been missing in action in here.
I’ve actually been living a pretty exciting (real) life – meeting new people, taking up new jobs for blog,
shows and also for the cafe.
I’m turning 30 but I’m feeling more recharged than ever, more so than when I was in my early twenties.
I hope the best is yet to come.

I actually tried hosting an event for Sans & Sans a while ago!
For the record, I never thought I could host ANYTHING.
This is pretty embarrassing – I’ve actually been “scouted” to go for an audition
for a popular English radio station before.
But I screwed it up so bad I hardly even mention this to anyone.
I was also scouted to go for an audition for a popular Chinese radio station,
but in the end I decided to give it a miss because my ego was wounded. Hahaha!
But looking back, I think I should be able to do a better job now. *grins*

Anyways, here are some pictures for the Sans & Sans event I did.
Thank you Gwen for making me feel so comfortable.
It really doesn’t matter how rarely we meet each other because
it always feels like not a day has passed every time we meet up again!


I also made a new friend, Kathleen!
We used to only be Instagram friends.
It’s always nice to see virtual friends go real. :p


I love the outfit they put me in that evening!
And I’ve brought home that black/white pants I was wearing in the photo above.
It was also a joy to meet the owner cum designer of Sans & Sans, so young and vivacious!
Entrepreneurs also get my respect! *salute*

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 6.55.34 pm

They also offered two of my Instagram followers with makeovers!
Thank you for the generosity, Sans & Sans!

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 6.58.42 pm
Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 6.58.29 pm

They are also having an Instagram contest, so I thought I’ll just share it here since I’m on this.
It will be on until the end of June. ๐Ÿ™‚

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 6.55.17 pm

On top of that, if you spend $400 and above in a single receipt,
you’ll become a Sans & Sans member and get a surprise welcome gift worth $59.
This is not an advertorial but I thought I think all local entrepreneurs should help each other! :p
They have some really nice clothes and I wonder why I’ve actually never taken notice of this local brand before.
Support local!

PS. They are located at Marina Square #02-342 & Orchard Central #02-04


It has also been a while since I last posted updates about Maliboo.
She is actually getting a lot better these days – getting used to her new vision and bumping into things less often.


She still looks mighty cute and I’m trying to keep her fur longer so that I can give her a nice side parted cut.
This is her hopelessly attracted to the yummy homemade treats from FeedMyPaws!
Crystle is so nice to make some nice treats, a “GET WELL SOON” cake for Boo and her furry sisters.
They smell and look SO yummy and pretty!


Crystle is sharing the love and dishing out $5 discounts to every $50 spent on her website.
You can use the promo code SIXPEGS from now until 20th July 2014. ๐Ÿ™‚
If your pooch’s birthday is coming soon, I think it’ll be that perfect place to get a birthday cake!


As for me, I’m trying my best to work as much as I can to make up for the three-weeks holiday
that’s coming right up in the end of July.
It is the first time I’ll be flying to Italy with A, my aunt and my Mom.
A says that she is nervous because this is the first time she is travelling with future “mother-in-law”.


I really count my blessings how Mom is so receptive towards A and my choice in life.
Even my aunts adore A very much, and Granny used to always ask about A when Granny was alive too.

How not to love a cute face like that. :p


I’ve been trying to keep my hair longer.
As much as A says that I look better in short hair, I’ve had a short crop since I was 14.
I’m dying for a change.

Not gonna keep it as long as Rapunzel. Probably just something slightly above my chin.
I NEED TO HANG IN THERE because I’m starting to catch myself harbouring thoughts of getting
a haircut to chop them all off lately. ๐Ÿ˜ก

For now, it would just be little bit of trims here and there to make sure I still look presentable. Heh!


It is SUCH A PAIN to grow those sideburns out!

And this is my stylist, Caely from Shunji Matsuo 313.
She has become more of a friend now and I am really glad to have Shunji Matsuo with me all these while.
They are always so accommodating and I know I’m in good hands when I see Caely around. ๐Ÿ™‚


As for work, A and I have been working harder than ever.
Our dream is to let The Tiramisu Hero go international.
And A’s Dad has been our biggest mentor in the business as well.
He told me to work hard so that I’ll be travelling around the world when I’m 45,
and I won’t have to worry about work at all if I do all the dirty work now.
I wish we could work hard as hell now to be able to have that kind of stability in future.

*I can continue daydreaming*

Working hard at work also means I have no off days when the cafe needs some maintenance work.
This is the hottest construction worker in Singapore.


Other days, I can just sit outside and cafe and do work on my laptop over coffee.
Quite good life la.


The cafe is also a permanent meeting place for me to meet up with all my friends. :p


We are planning for some merchandises for our brand and I’ve been doodling non stop these days.
Here are some of the doodles I have came up with – they are all staff at The Tiramisu Hero.
My real heroes!


A and myself. Makes super cute phone wallpaper.
I can start drawing strangers at sidewalks for a living. Not bad right? :p



Work was exceptionally fun last week because of Beer Fest too!
One of the best moments of being in F&B line. Hahaha!


My best work partner, lover and friend. ๐Ÿ™‚


We skived yesterday and went on a little date before our Le Noir date.


You make everything PURRFECTO!


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