Month: July 2014

My Clinique Experience

Healthy skin is the one thing that everyone dreams of having. To me, no amount of cosmetics is going to give me the confidence I get from having a clear and healthy complexion. Let’s talk about the basis of skin care. Before all of those whitening, hydrating, anti-aging concerns, we must first make sure that we have a good cleansing regime. There are countless skin care products developed by different brands in different parts of the world. But when I hear that a skin care brand is developed by a team of leading dermatologists, I know I’m in good hands. My first encounter with Clinique was when I first met A, she has been using Clinique since she was 15. (Yes, 15!) I always thought that she has been blessed with good skin, but apparently, her skin type is sensitive and there are not a lot of skin care brands that work for her.

Italy Summer Packing List

My Italy vacay starts tomorrow and I am jotting down all the stuff I need to pack for the trip. I find it extremely bothersome to have to pack for a trip (especially a long one) without a packing list. Do you have the same problem? And since I foresee myself going for many, many more trips in future. I shall put up my packing list online so I won’t have to make new lists in the future. *genius* If you’re the worry wart sort and want to make sure you didn’t miss out anything, you could check against mine too!

Atorrege AD+

Y’all. I think I have found the winning formula to combat pimples and blemishes. Atorrege AD+ is the brainchild of Ands Corporation who first launched the first generation of Atorrege in 1995. In 2007, they introduced the second generation known as Atorrege AD+ to treat urban skin diseases due to changes in environment and unhealthy living habits. I know it is a little too much to absorb so here is a more layman way of introducing their products. :p To be honest, I was a little skeptical when I first received these products. I believe it is the same for everyone else when it comes to trying new products. With an open mind, I tried all of the products and only used them for a week. I must say I was impressed. If you are troubled by acne or pimples (even if they are occasional ones), then I think you should try their products out. Let’s start with the Atorrege Cool Lotion, my favourite product of the lot. I am a huge facial mist fan …

Freedom To Love

“I support the freedom to love.” It’s always easier said than done. Pink Dot 2014 is the most special Pink Dot for me because this year, I have two of the most important women in my life with me – A and my most supportive Mom. I have seen many parents at Pink Dot, and I always think to myself how fortunate their children are. For me, I have never really spoken to Mom about my sexual orientation or what I plan to do in life until a couple of months back when A and I told my Mom about our decision to get married in time. My mother’s readiness to accept us surprised me. And what was more surprising was how she instantly agreed to attending this year’s Pink Dot with me! I mean, being accepting is one, but being at Pink Dot with me means so much – because to me, it shows that she is proud of me and my choices in life as well. Isn’t it? I think I am really …


No offence to my friends who are insurance agents. But I used to think that they are all trying to sell us policies to get that commission. After knowing A, I realized that we all need insurance policies – not every different kind of insurance policies but at least the few basic ones. This might sound like an ad (this is not an ad ok?) but I just want to share this new product that a personal friend of mine crafted for Liberty Insurance, and I really think it is pretty awesome for dog owners in Singapore. And kudos to Carey the big dog lover and Liberty Insurance for coming up with such a wonderful plan for all of us. I am an animal lover and I know very well how expensive it is to take care of and provide for our pets in Singapore. From the food and supplies, to occasional toys and treats, to accessories (both essentials and those for our entertainment purpose), to healthcare and medical expenses. The bills can get very …