Day: October 19, 2014

Ten Things You Thought You Knew About Lesbians

…But You Don’t. I have once had a “friend” come up to me and asked me in the face why I chose to be a lesbian, and is it whether because I don’t like cocks. Maybe she thought she had a good sense of humour, but I was honestly quite offended because I’m quite sure she wasn’t talking about the rooster. And because a person with higher EQ would know how to choose his/her words more carefully, not in this insensitive and an almost-mocking manner. I hope she didn’t go around asking her childless female friends why they do not have children, and whether it is because they don’t like their husbands’ penises. See what I mean? These are personal choices, no? This “friend” I have is just thick. Period. – – – I think the lesbians are pretty misunderstood. After a survey with my lesbian friends (firstly, no, lesbians do not only have lesbian friends), we came up with a list.