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#DFW Insiders

If you follow me (and a few other bloggers) on Instagram, then Digital Fashion Week would be not unfamiliar to you.
I am really happy to be one of the few bloggers on the DFW journey,
not because it means I am better than other because there are obviously
SO MANY GAZILLION better bloggers than me in Singapore, but because I’ve never done anything like that before.
It was a really good experience and I got to know some of the bloggers a bit better (and loving it).
Because of DFW, I also got to meet like-minded people from all over the world.
And they are all so darn cool.

So for the record, thank you Digital Fashion Week and Nuffnang Singapore.


This is not an advertisement so I do apologise in advance if it seems a little haphazard.
(It’s 3am now and it’s almost bed time)

DFW started in Singapore and I got to know so many of the amazing local designers!
Ok, not know the designers per se, more of get to see their designs and learn more about them.
Some of my favourites are Max Tan (his stuff are SO cool), In Good Company and Thomas Wee.
I am also very proud of my friend Linda for her great works and design for her label, Yesah. šŸ™‚

OK, can I also please take this opportunity to thank Shunji Matsuo for looking after my tresses?
Caely, Director of from Shunji Matsuo 313 is always so patient with me,
and is never demanding over absolutely ANYTHING.
I have to say it is really fortunate of me to meet her, she’s just different from the other hair sponsors I had.

So THANK YOU CAELY & Shunji Matsuo 313! You da best!IMG_0870

DFW started with a photoshoot, and I got the chance to get to know Melody and Irina better.
This two girls are so down-to-earth and cool.
Melody is always the life of the party, always making everyone laugh, and so easy to get along with.
Irina is the intellectual chio bu who has the talent to strike up a clever conversation
with absolutely anybody (a skill I would like to have),
and she is disgustingly photogenic no matter how unprepared she is for the photo. Haha!


And of course, there is TippyTapp Jessica Tham whom I’ve only briefly met a couple of times prior to DFW.
I’m glad we got to spend more time together and to know each other better!
Jessica is actually has a good sense of humour and very gung-ho behind that drop dead gorgeous face.

And then there is Amanda Leong, who felt so hard to talk to at the beginning.
But once you get to know her better, she is just like a little sister.
And she likes cats and has three! Kudos to that!


Thank you Jessica for the photo! :p

We also ran into Meiting and Eve who came for one of the fashion shows!
This two girls ah. Freaking funny also. Hahaha! ā¤


Deciding what to wear for the shows is a very big headache for me.
I am never the nice fluffy gowns kind of person, and my body is not nice at all for nice body-hugging dresses. šŸ˜¦
Half of my wardrobe is in black or white or black & white,
so picking out something good to wear is really a big challenge.

I guess I did fine la. Haha!

This is what I wore for one of the shows in Singapore.


With Ashley and Nana from Malaysia, and my homegirl Jayne.


Other than the Singaporean bloggers, we also got to know the regional bloggers!
Here is a few of us. šŸ™‚


I also invited some of the bloggers to visit my cafe after the shows!
Jenn Im and Stephanie from USA made one of my staff cry (hehe!) because my staff was too happy to see them. :p
But anyhoos, I hope everyone had fun! šŸ˜€


With Nellie, omg she’s so skinny!


With Valerie! ā¤


Energizer bunny Melody!


And David from the Philippines. This guy is too funny! :p


With Rohhit from the Digital Fashion Week team and Jourdan who is winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20!
It’s my honour to feed a top model Macaroni and Cheese. :p


In Bangkok, it was a collaboration between Digital Fashion Week and Bangkok International Fashion Week.
I was also lucky enough to have A come along on the trip with me! Heh.

Here some pictures from the few days we spend in Bangkok!


That’s Baobao from Shanghai. Made a pact with her to visit her the next time I go there.
She’s really amazing and talented – designs her own clothes and stuff as well! *applause*


With my favourite girl, Jayne mama! This trip would not have been the same without her. ā¤ ā¤


And also thank you my dear A for always being so patient and understanding with me!


And for your photography talent. LOL.


You’re the best partner anyone can ask for la! :p

Thank you DFW and Nuffnang for the great experience! Till next time.

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Peggy is an independent blogger from Singapore who has a penchant for impromptu travel plans and good caffe lattes. She is the co-owner of two little cafes, The Tiramisu Hero and Butter My Buns, and hopes to be able to see the world someday; one stop at a time.

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