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Butter My Buns

And so the new journey begins, and the journey is called Butter My Buns.

This is exactly like our sleep-deprived days slightly more than 2 years ago when The Tiramisu Hero was just starting up. Now, sitting in our new lil space, it really feels like pretty amazing to realise that we’ve done it yet again.

Compared to the previous setup, Butter My Buns was actually a lot less stressful. The experience we got from setting up the previous cafe gave us good insights into what to do, what not to do while designing and planning the space, the timeline, the interiors and our menus. And I really count my blessings everyday for the good people we have in our company. Really, we would be nothing if not for the immense amount of support we have from our colleagues, friends and family.

Although Butter My Buns is just a really tiny store snugged in a corner of NUS, it is now our second baby. You must now be thinking “What kind of name is Butter My Buns!” Hahaha! A and I love our ridiculous-sounding cafe name. And we get a good kick from seeing people’s faces when we tell them our shop name. It gets especially funny when we see how people try not to laugh or judge the name. (Feel free to judge, it’s more fun that way!) We have a special hot dog in our store called the Bastard Dog. It’s a hot dog with our special Basil and Mustard (BASTARD is a legit name!) sauce. :p



We are currently in the madhouse part of the set up. We finally got our licence to open doors for business and as people are streaming in, we are scrambling around the kitchen because we still cannot really remember where everything is kept, we also often find ourselves running to the supermarket to get last minute supplies because we keep running out of things due to bad planning/forgetfulness. But amidst those, it is still a very tiring but fruitful experience doing this all over again.

The best part for me, is seeing my customer’s face after they devoured the entire waffle with fresh bananas and Nutella!


I wish the days are longer and I have a clone to help me finish up some work, blog, and perhaps also help me catch up on more sleep. My fingers are starting to feel like velcro from the excessive washing at the sink. I have been wearing black for more than a week now because the cafe staff are supposed to be in black. I miss my Goyard bag, which I am unable to bring to work because I couldn’t bear to put it in the cupboard at the corner of the shop which is still dusty from the renovation works that just finished not too long ago. And my nails.. they’re short and unpolished. 😦

Every time I wonder why I am sleeping so little, I will look at A and feel guilty for having those thoughts. A is a huge pillar in my life and an even bigger motivator for me at work. Although it’s inevitable that we’ll feel angry with each other over work, I’m glad it did not affect our relationship with each other after 3 years of working together.

It really is a good feeling knowing that we are working towards a common goal.

And there are some really nice customers at NUS too! We received this on our first day of operations and it really gave us a big pat on our backs!


The bokeh kinda made it hard to read but if you could still see, he actually said that the Gourmet Baked Potato he had was the best he has had in his 23 years of life. How sweet!

Oh yes! Today is also the day where I can finally remove the P-plate from the car! I have finally finished the one-year probation period for my driver’s licence! As a celebration, A made me Maggie’s Chicken Noodles.

Today is a great day! Another war to fight tomorrow! Gotta keep moving!

P.S. If you’re a Westie and want to come by, our address is at 2 College Avenue West #01-07 Stephen Riady Centre (part of a book store called Book Haven). You may view our cafe menu over here.

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Peggy is an independent blogger from Singapore who has a penchant for impromptu travel plans and good caffe lattes. She is the co-owner of two little cafes, The Tiramisu Hero and Butter My Buns, and hopes to be able to see the world someday; one stop at a time.


    • SIXPEGS says

      Thank you so much Mary! We sure hope to see you around again in the near future! πŸ™‚


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