Day: February 12, 2016

A + P

Love isn’t always rosy and beautiful. Sometimes it hurts, and renders you powerless and vulnerable. Other times, it turns you into an irrational person. Love has the power to make brave, or to make one a coward. Two totally different person learning to love and live as one is quite a feat altogether. We are in love, but we want to make sure these images did not only show the happy times. It is a reminder of being powerless and vulnerable can be beautiful and how lucky we are to find someone who is on the same page as you. I hope we will always be on that same page. § § § Let’s always be strange and beautiful together, A. Special thanks to Bobby from Bobby Kiran Photography, Dylan and team from Dylan And Son, Ai Yi and Dollei Seah for the love. More on Instagram @sixpegs or #APGoSteady.

God Save The Queen

It is always easy to list down the items you have on your Bucket List; easy to tell people around you that one has to live life to the fullest and you have probably read a thousand and one article on Facebook telling you specifically the things to avoid doing (or do) if you don’t want to grow old with regrets. Does living life to the fullest everyday really makes us feel like we have the world? “To live a few years of my life like most people won’t, so that I can live the rest of it like most people can’t.” I have heard this quote once and I find it hard to forget. Often when I find myself slipping away, trying to find excuses for myself so that I can take a little time off from work, I repeat this quote in my head. It makes a lot of sense to me. Except, now I finally realised I’ll need to survive the “living a few years of my life like most people won’t” …