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I am always thankful for the things in my life that is keeping me sane. Like.. my pets. My A. The love from family. Yoga at home, at 3am. So before I continue with my rambles, I want to thank Vivre Active Wear for sending over some of the high quality yoga wears and mat for me! I LOVE THE DESIGNS!

Zombie Club

Do you look like death by 8pm too? If so, welcome to the 8pm Zombie Club. As the President of the 8pm Zombie Club, I feel obliged to let you know a little more about how things are like in our club, how you became one of us and what you can do if you want to leave the club. I have been trying some products from Clinicians – Stress & Energy Support and REM Sleep and they have helped me a lot with managing my stress and energy levels during the day and sleep during the night. But before I get to that, I have to stress how hard it is for me to get to sleep every night. I’m a huge insomniac. You will know, if you follow me on Instagram (SIGH). Here at the 8pm Zombie Club, we hardly get enough sleep. There are times (when we feel like we should sleep more), we cannot fall asleep at night. It’s the norm for us to toss and turn around on the bed …

#DFW Insiders

If you follow me (and a few other bloggers) on Instagram, then Digital Fashion Week would be not unfamiliar to you. I am really happy to be one of the few bloggers on the DFW journey, not because it means I am better than other because there are obviously SO MANY GAZILLION better bloggers than me in Singapore, but because I’ve never done anything like that before. It was a really good experience and I got to know some of the bloggers a bit better (and loving it). Because of DFW, I also got to meet like-minded people from all over the world. And they are all so darn cool. So for the record, thank you Digital Fashion Week and Nuffnang Singapore. 🙂 This is not an advertisement so I do apologise in advance if it seems a little haphazard. (It’s 3am now and it’s almost bed time) DFW started in Singapore and I got to know so many of the amazing local designers! Ok, not know the designers per se, more of get to …


They always say “Girl Power”, and for me, it is exceptionally prominent during that special time of the month. If you know what I’m talking about, and have once experienced that awful thing called “menstrual cramp”, you would definitely agree with me. A couple of weeks back, I had the opportunity to attend a talk by Dr Yong Yoke Fai from NUHS and learnt more about how menstrual cramps could just be one of the many symptoms of more serious problems like endometriosis. Immediately after the talk, I shared the information I’ve learnt with A, and it was only then when I found out that she actually had this same condition a few years back before I met her. Why curl up in bed and suffer in silence? 😦 Let me share what I’ve learnt with you!

Sensodyne True White

My pearly whites are very precious to me, because I believe having clean and neat teeth will help make someone look clean, fresh and polished. That is why my toothpastes are always whitening ones, and I also visit a dentist to have my teeth whitened whenever I feel there is a need to. But because I also have sensitive teeth, I sometimes have to alternate between using sensitivity toothpaste and one for whitening. What I really like about Sensodyne True White toothpaste is how it is both a toothpaste that whitens my teeth and helps it cope with sensitivity. For those lucky few with no sensitivity issues, you can really cannot imagine how annoying (and painful) it is to be struck by a sudden wave of “shock” when devouring your favourite gelato or when you’re drinking iced water from a cup without using a straw. *wails* And because I have bruxism, I uncontrollably grind my teeth at night and it has indirectly caused my teeth to become increasingly sensitive over time; prolly because I am …


My Italy vacay starts tomorrow and I am jotting down all the stuff I need to pack for the trip. I find it extremely bothersome to have to pack for a trip (especially a long one) without a packing list. Do you have the same problem? And since I foresee myself going for many, many more trips in future. I shall put up my packing list online so I won’t have to make new lists in the future. *genius* If you’re the worry wart sort and want to make sure you didn’t miss out anything, you could check against mine too!

Heineken Cities Festival

I am still in the festive mood as I scroll through and look at the pictures taken at the recent Heineken Cities Festival. For those of you who had missed the festival this year, the Heineken Cities Festival was a celebration of the launch of the 6 Heineken City Edition bottles named after the top cities of the world – Singapore, Amsterdam, Shanghai, London, New York and Rio de Janeiro. I have never attended any parties like that in Singapore; the festival took place along Club Street and Ann Siang Hill. Yes, ON THE STREETS! The whole area was decorated with the flags of the different countries where the cities are from, and littered with street performers and icons representing the 6 cities. I am so loving the special City Edition beer bottles! Let’s let the pictures do the talking! I have the company of my colleagues from The Tiramisu Hero and first, a selfie!