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SIXPEGS Giveaway

Screen shot 2011-08-30 at PM 06.14.04

giveaway pics edited

This is one of the many dresses that A actually likes (on me).
And I think the shade of green is gorgeous too!
Many thanks to Paper Buttons for the lovely dress.
Really love the orange suede bag from Kate Love as well!
Awesome material.

Courtesy of Paper Buttons and Kate Love, and also matching nail polishes from Nail Splash,
I have personally picked some apparels, bags and polishes to give away!


Screen shot 2012-03-24 at AM 02.37.42

Here are the three outfits to be given away.
I have named them according to how they “feel” like. Heh!
The quality of the apparels, bags and nail polishes are all really good and I’m sure you’ll love them when you receive them too!


The first outfit is Wilma.
Look smart, confident and comfortable with yourself in this getup!
The wide leg pants is absolutely gorgeous and the material is oh-so-comfortable.

Screen shot 2012-03-24 at AM 02.29.22
giveaway pics edited2

White sleeveless blouse, high-waist wide leg pants and school bag satchel.
Along with this outfit, you will also receive O.P.I’s Pepe’s Purple Passion nail polish!

Screen shot 2012-03-24 at AM 02.55.27


The second outfit is called Elsie.
Be that happy-go-lucky girl who is always perky, casual and interesting!
The asymmetrical top is suitable for casual or more corporate getups too.

Screen shot 2012-03-24 at AM 02.27.09
giveaway pics edited3

I love the outfit with the Essie School of Hard Rocks nail polish.
The little tinge of green on the fingertips will definitely stand out!

Screen shot 2012-03-24 at AM 02.56.08


The third outfit is a happy looking one!
I love the lightweight cardigan with the pretty prints.
I matched it with the bright yellow clutch with cute metal handles to give the getup some colour.
I love the mandarin collar on the white blouse too!

Screen shot 2012-03-24 at AM 02.29.43
giveaway pics edited1

The white blouse, cardigan, high waist shorts and yellow clutch comes with this pretty China Glaze Pelican Grey nail polish too!
I love this colour!

Screen shot 2012-03-24 at AM 02.56.42

This is how you can bring home one of this three outfits!
Simply check out my recently-active-again Facebook Page, here are the instructions.

Screen shot 2012-03-24 at AM 02.13.44

The winners will be randomly selected from the wall entries on my Facebook Page.
Do drop by and say HI on Facebook if you like any of the outfits! 🙂

Winners will be notified on 31st March 2012.


Moving on, A and I went back to our favourite international buffet haunt for another hearty meal.
This time, we brought Sinsin and LTK there as well!

I’m loving my huge sack top and new shoes from! Love love love!

giveaway pics1
giveaway pics

Our crazy looking nails and huge comfortable tops!

giveaway pics2

The buffet I’m talking about is at Spize at Park Royal Hotel at Kitchener Road.
It’s really cheap, and you can get another 20% with NTUC card or 15% if you pay with UOB cards.
The bill came up to about $30 per pax that day.
Super value for money considering the massive amount of fresh sashimi we ate!

Oh! I LOVE how the place is always so empty too. Hahaha.












We went to catch “This Means War” at Orchard Cineleisure after the dinner and I bought this new pair of glasses!



A and I went back to Jalan Riang where Wimbly Lu was.
But this time round, we checked out The Fat Cat which is just round the corner!
They serve Western, Thai and Indian cuisine over here and we tried the Thai and Indian today.
They were all pretty awesome!



The place is pretty much like a kopitiam with pretty decor and servers.
There are three “kopitiam stalls” in there and each serve different food!
You can find beer and other alcoholic drinks in here too.







Will be back with more updates soon!
Hear from you regarding the SIXPEGS giveaway soon!

Remember to like this entry if you want more giveaways like that! 🙂
Cheers xx


  1. Zen says

    Hello Peggy! I am a vivid reader of your blog, keep your posts coming! I would like to check where did you buy the bags in the second and third photo? How much do they cost? I have been looking for similar bags but couldnt find nice ones. Thanks much, Zen


    • sixpegs says

      Zen – The brown bag I’m carrying you mean? I think you can look around, sometimes I do see similar ones around but cannot remember exactly where though. Mine is from Gucci. I got it from Europe so around $2k plus. But the material is not very good. 😦 See the water marks on it once it gets the rain. Heart pain.


  2. Honey says

    I want win the Miki set! 😀
    Something different from the usual style that i wear. 🙂


  3. Faith says

    I hope i get to win the Elsie one! ^^
    I like the bag & nail polish alot!! If possible, mind sharing where did you get them?
    In case nvr win, can buy. 😀

    Thanks Peggy for the giveaway! (:


  4. Sheila says

    I like the Wilma set! Love the high-waist wide leg pants & school bag satchel very much!!

    Hope i get to win! ^^


  5. blacksheep says

    Hey you really look like mavis fan when you had shorter hair, and i really like this song.

    ; ]

    p.s. can i just have your purple passion nail polish?


    • sixpegs says

      Honey – Thanks for your support! Do drop a message on my FB page as well ok? I’ll be picking the winners from there! 🙂

      Faith – The shop links are on my blog! 🙂 Go check out the shops and you can see the clothes, bags and nail polishes! 😀

      Sheila – I love that Wilma set too! Do leave me a message on my FB page ok! 😀

      Erlina – Thanks for your message here! Do leave me a message on my FB page ok!

      WinBin – You should check Spize out! It’s cool! 😀

      blacksheep – I love that song too. I just sung it in KTV 2 days ago. Hahaha. But I don’t look like her lah! I’m giving away the polishes as a set actually 😦 Do leave me a message on my FB page to try your luck ok? 🙂

      Genie – Thanks Genie! Do leave me a message on my FB page too! They might be yours. 😀

      YT – I got the brown shoes from 🙂

      Adora – thanks so much. We’re really happy we weren’t doing “throw face” things when you saw us. :p Have a good day ahead Adora!

      Amelia – The watch is from Maurice Lacroix! 🙂


  6. Genie says

    I like the Wilma set very much! The bag and the bottoms are a good match! 🙂


  7. hello,

    I would like to check where did you buy the pair of brown shoes from? love it!

    Thanks in advance!


  8. Adora says

    This is completely random, but I saw you&Aileen yesterday. You guys looks so in love, it’s beautiful 🙂


  9. bebe says

    hey peggy! love how your eyes look with the close to zero eyeliner makeup, not the thick thick kind. please share one video/post on drawing eyeliner like urs! thanks!

    ps: i wish i had the courage to go bareskin like u do!


    • sixpegs says

      bebe – thanks for your compliments but a video on how I do my eyeliner would last like about 5 seconds. Haha. It’ll be too boring!


    • sixpegs says

      blacksheep – celebrity status? Don’t know about that but I am basking in the love given by her. 🙂


    • sixpegs says

      Ling – Why you so fierce! I missed your question. Hmm my top is not from ASOS. That’s the problem.


  10. Nell says

    I’d like to win the Wilma set – so beautiful and sophisticated! Also, I need to note that your hair looks beautiful!


  11. Rene says

    Hi Peggy!
    May I know where did you get the watch from? How much is it? Thanks


  12. sixpegs says

    Rene – the watch is from Maurice Lacroix. It’s not mine though, it’s Aileen’s. Not sure how much she got it for eh. Go check it out? They have that brand in Singapore too 🙂


  13. Hi Peggy where did you get the top? And what’s the name of it. It’s really nice (:


  14. I really loved the movie Perfume! I will watch all the other movies you’ve posted here. Based on your favorites I really think you’d love the argentinian film SIDEWALLS.


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