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I am a self-proclaimed movie buff.
If you haven’t checked out my 2 other blog entries about my favourite movies and based on true story movies,
you are in luck because that would mean you will have 3 new blog entries to read today!

I just watched Drive starring Ryan Gosling yesterday night.
It took me a while to understand why it was voted the best movie from 2011.
But after discussing with A, we both agreed that the movie was tastefully done,
and the development of the plot was smooth and comfortable.
Seeing Ryan Gosling’s buff physique packed under his thin white tee was cool too. Haha!

My hands are itching again to share another ten movies that I think everyone should watch at least once in their lives.
In no particular order of credit, here are the ten awesome movies that I think you might love!


Screen shot 2012-03-30 at PM 01.54.36

Memento is one movie that really blew me off my chair.
Made in 2000, this movie is actually shown backwards.
Although this show is all about action, murder and have all other essence that you expect to see in a typical thriller,
this film is nowhere near your typical thriller flick.

The story is about a man with short-term memory resulting from an injury.
He sets out to find the murderer who killed his wife with notes, tattoos and photographs.
Stick close to your screen when you’re watching this show,
I’m sure you don’t wanna miss the small details here and there that makes this film such a fabulous one!


Screen shot 2012-03-30 at PM 01.56.17

Little Miss Sunshine is basically about a not-so-typical American family’s road trip.
This 2006 black-comedy film made such an impression especially the part
when the family placed their dead grandpa in the trunk of their vehicle.
If you like seeing how a fractured family awkwardly become closer on a trip to send
the young girl in the family to a beauty pageant across the country, this is the one for you.

Charming, clever and unassuming, this film is one that you would definitely want to watch more than once!


Screen shot 2012-03-30 at PM 01.56.34

Cashback is a film about a young man who develops a serious insomnia problem after a breakup.
And since he is not getting any sleep at all, he decided to take up a job at the supermarket to kill time and make some money.
During his late night shifts, his imagination runs wild and he started sketching wonderful portraits of the people he met.

I like how the story is told and the whole crazy idea.
(He freezes the people in the supermarket and undresses them and draw them)
If you like something that’s different from the usual Hollywood crap, this is the one for you.
I love the cinematography and it’s amazing how one can make such an awesome movie with a low budget.


Screen shot 2012-03-30 at PM 01.58.25

OK Room in Rome IS a gay film, just in case you’re wondering after you’ve seen the picture below already.
But this is the MOST tastefully done and most real gay film I have ever seen.
The entire film is done within a hotel room in Rome.
The show is made up of 30% sex scenes, 70% dialogues.
The two leads were naked 98% of the time.
Soundtrack of the film is awesome and the cinematography is so so good!

You have to watch this film if you believe in love at first sight.
Erm the trailer is horribly done though.


Screen shot 2012-03-30 at PM 02.01.50

Perfume was recommended to me by A. The plot of this movie was really strange but so damn engaging.
I love how the film was shot and though it was somewhat creepy at some scenes,
it is still very interesting, intriguing and captivating.

It is about a person who is overly sensitive to scents and he started going around collecting human scents.
As to how he does it, you have to watch the film to know.
The content of the film may be a little disturbing but I think the show is beautifully shot.


Screen shot 2012-03-30 at PM 02.03.52

Love Me If You Dare is a very unique love story.
The whole relationship started from a series of dares and it was also this game that
made the two persons unsure if it is just a game, or true love.
As usual, this film has splendid cinematography and I love how the plot slowly develops in the show.

Fabulous show. And Marion Cotillard looks amazing in there!
The movie is WAY better than the trailer.


Screen shot 2012-03-30 at PM 02.05.05

City of Gods is another movie with awesome cinematography.
I am such a sucker for films that are nicely shot. Heh!
Two boys grew up together, one became a photojournalist for the local papers, another became a mafia.
I watched this movie without any expectations at the beginning and it really blew me off!
Very well done.


Screen shot 2012-03-30 at PM 02.06.11

Trainspotting is another must-watch starring Ewan McGregor.
He doesn’t look like him at all in this movie!
Sidetrack a bit, I am really amazed by how these artistes can lose and gain weight just LIKE THAT!

This movie is basically about how the lives of a group of teenagers are affected by their drug usage.
This show is rated R for strong language, nudity, sex and some violence.
Not the kind of movie you wanna watch before you sleep or when you’re eating.
Trainspotting is best for boring afternoons when you are wide awake and feeling dangerous.


Screen shot 2012-03-30 at PM 02.07.28

Shortbus is another recommendation from A.
This one is made up of several short stories of different people wound together.
The woman who couldn’t get an orgasm, the man who was a former child star, man in drag, and many more.
The whole plot pretty much revolves around the woman who couldn’t come and
her journey to solve her problem led her to meet others.

To be honest, this movie is a little bit weird.
I was a little bit scared when A started introducing me movies like this and Perfume.
We don’t really know each other very well back then. Haha.
But well, this is an interesting watch and do catch it if you are in the mood for something strange.


Screen shot 2012-03-30 at PM 02.08.53

Imagine Me and You is the first lesbian-themed film I watched.
Lena Headey is absolutely gorgeous! Absolutely absolutely gorgeous!
This movie is very well done, and it really is a love story, not gay love story.
Tastefully done and not too in-your-face, this is not a film that will make you feel uncomfortable with intimate scenes.
I am pretty sure you will like this one.



  1. lev says

    have u watched Le petit Nicolas? well maybe its not as good as the movies u mentioned but its funny and the lead is cuteeee! haha do watch it!


  2. perfume, shortbus, little miss sunshine,love me if you dare–watch them all, too πŸ™‚

    i like adaptation, big fish, being john malkovitch, and the hours πŸ™‚


  3. this is awesome, I’m definitely refering to this list the next time i head down to the dvd store (read ask bf to download). πŸ˜‰ they sound intriguing enough! too many good movies, too little time!


  4. meilan says

    hi there,

    im keen in watching some of them …may i know where to watch it?
    as in where to download?


  5. sixpegs says

    lev – Cool. Ok I’ll go and find the show!

    jassy – I watched big fish before. It’s pretty good! Will go check out the rest too! πŸ™‚

    Sandra – Roger that!

    Jocelyn – Cool! πŸ˜€ Enjoy the show!

    meilan – Hello! Aiyo this type of things cannot discuss here one la!

    b – Hey! beachew! I met up with Jeanette from Mirror that day and they mentioned they know you! Thanks for dropping by again! That looks like a show I might like! Looks very interesting. Thanks so much for recommending!


  6. Oh wow, what! How did that happen?! I was supposed to meet J this week, but she cancelled her trip. Hope there are some beautiful ideas that came up from that meeting? πŸ™‚


    • sixpegs says

      b – yeah it was pretty awesome! Hope to work with them in the near future πŸ™‚


  7. jo says

    Hi, pls watch Les Choristes. Fantastic french movie, extremely moving and phenomenal music.


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