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Mustard is the new yellow.

This week has been a rather busy one and I apologize for my week-long disappearance.
A’s granny was not well and was admitted into the hospital.
Hope she gets better soon.
The visit to the hospital reminds me a lot of the times when I visited my own granny in the hospital.
I don’t really like that place.

My Mom is overseas in China & that means that I’ll have to look after Maliboo 24/7 throughout the week.
That also means that Boo has been spending a lot of time with the three cats in A’s bedroom. Haha!
So to reward her and let her feel slightly better about life (lol), we brought her to a dog cafe.

Happy Daze is located in Serangoon, they not only serve drinks and bar grub,
there is also a menu for the little furkids!
And the really nice part is, even if you didn’t order anything for your dogs,
they will also readily bring out a doggie bowl so that the doggies can get their supply of fresh water!

Happy Daze Cafe & Bistro
11 Maju Avenue
Open everyday from 3pm to 1am

This is not exactly the perfect place to go to for food though.
But if you’re looking for an unpretentious and laid back place to hang out with friends,
then try this place out.
Nice place for a midweek beer too!


Boo had her meatballs fix and I had my beer fix.
As for A, she is driving so it was non-alcoholic Earl Grey float for her. :p







These are the meatballs I ordered for Boo!
They come in chicken or beef flavour and I ordered the latter because chicken is not very good for her skin.
They do serve pasta for dogs too! Interesting. Heh!



On the way back home, we drove with the top down and Boo had too much wind in her face.
This following picture I am going to show you is total epic.
Note: This shot is taken at 105km/h

Sorry it’s so blur! 😡


And Boo had to face the cats after the ride. Hahaha!
She just got “STUNNED” written all over her face.


Because it’s a sleepover, A gave Boo a nice hoodie to wear to sleep.
Boo looks like she’s out at some chalet or something. Freaking adorable!




I hope she had a good day out!


A and I have been stuffing our faces too.
I want to bring your attention to this awesome pasta she made me.
I seriously think this is the BEST pasta I’ve ever had – better than those I had in Rome!
Just good truffle oil, caviar and al dente angel hair pasta.
This little plate of thing sends me right up to heaven!

Thanks for the treat, love!


We also had some Japanese at MOF in Bugis Junction.
I always thought people would just go there for desserts.
They actually serve pretty decent food too!
This is cold ramen with salon and avocado.


And Creme Brulee. It tastes really good with vanilla ice cream!
We MUST try serving our homemade Creme Brulee with vanilla ice cream in future.
As for the Creme Brulee itself, I think we make better ones! *confident*



And I finally brought my old (new) oversized clutch out too!
I am also loving the horsie-print top I bought from Zara in Rome.

Screen shot 2012-04-15 at AM 04.05.15


The vintage looking watch is from Rome.
They were all Murano glass watches that originated from Venice though.
I love the red and the multi-colored clock face!



And as some of you might already know, two of my closest girlfriends will be getting married this year!
Sinsin will be getting hitched in May and Lianie in December.
There will be many hearts breaking out there as the two wonderful girls finally settle down. Heh.
I accompanied them for another fitting and this fitting was really special!


This bridal studio is actually in a flat unit in Bukit Batok!
I was really blown away when I was there because it’s so amazing to have a bridal studio in a flat.
The owner, Ceciline can just pull a couple curtains and the corner will look cosy like a bridal studio.
They even have their own platform for the bride to stand on when trying on the dresses.
It doesn’t feel as stressful as visiting a typical bridal studio.
No other couples hanging around in the shop too.
Undivided attention rocks! Hahaha.

The girls tried on some gorgeous dresses!






I love the details on this dress!
They were all hand sewn! Can you imagine the hard work?
According to the designer, you can actually show her what design you want and
she can sew you your very own unique wedding dress!
Freaking awesome. Hahaha.
I don’t understand how some people can sew so well.
I cannot sew to save my life man!






This is the platform! Pretty.


Lianie is here to try out the gowns too!
I think we were a little noisy at the fitting this afternoon.
But it’s so fun because we feel totally at home in the house! 😀



Look at this fabric! All hand sewn! *jaw drop*




Lianie goofing around, as usual!


It is not easy to be the husband too. Haha!


Oh if you are interested in this freaking cool bridal shop, it’s called The Wedding Ateliers!

The girls and I later went for our yummy buffet dinner at Park Royal again!


You girls are beautiful and I love y’all!


  1. I hope A’s granny gets well soon :))

    Oh, and where did you get your blue top with white mandarin collar from? SO PRETTY! 😀

    P/S: Boo is uber cute!


  2. Hello peggy, a random question.

    How much do you usually bring to shop around hongkong for a 5-days trip? and which hotel do you recommend? 🙂


  3. Anon says

    Hiii~ what’s the app or programmes that you use to make the pictures with the big bold white font? TIA :-*


  4. jamie says

    hey pegs!
    the truffle caviar pasta looks really good! do u mind sharing the recipe?


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