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Little Part 1

A was excited and smiling sheepishly this afternoon when she told me there is a place she wants to bring me.
When I asked her where it was, she blurted it out, then after giving it a second thought,
told me she won’t tell me and that I should check it out for myself.

And so the car took us to the familiar Upper Thomson area.
It passed by the usual stretch where all the cafes we visit are located and went by Thomson Plaza.
Before I know it, we pulled over outside a quaint little cafe named Little Part 1 Cafe.
What an odd name for a cafe.

Screen shot 2012-04-24 at AM 01.27.40


The name of the cafe was spelt out clearly like how they did it in old school movie theaters.
“Little Part 1” makes me wonder if there is a Part 2 or Part 3 somewhere else in Singapore.
I guess it’s a good name if the owners are looking at opening up more branches in future! Heh.

The cafe is not very big but it has both indoor and outdoor dining areas.
The space is about 50% indoor and 50% outdoor dining.
(I don’t like how most of the cafes have more seats indoors than outdoors. I like alfresco dining!)

It strikes me as an unpretentious and laid back cafe.
I like how the cafe is almost empty on a cloudy Monday afternoon,
and the servers don’t hover around your tables because yours is the only table they are attending to.
The fact that it’s tucked up in a corner off the main Upper Thomson Road makes it even more appealing.

Here are some snapshots of the place.
(Didn’t feel too awkward walking around the place because it was just us & another table of youngsters)








They serve Western food, a lot of German eats and beer are available as well.




That was just one small part of their menu, to give you an idea of what kind of cuisine to expect,
and the price range of the food there.
We heard a lot about the Big-Mug Hot Chocolate from Little Part 1, so we were expected to try it out!

Other than good, honest food, this is a perfect place for solo cafe goers too because of the huge array of entertainment!
Shelves of books are available for you to check out – novels, travel guides, etc.
Or if you’re going there with a group of friends, there are some board/card games you could borrow too.





If I’m not wrong, you could also donate some of your old books to fill their racks too!
The serenity was perfect for me to work on my itinerary for my Bangkok trip that’s coming up this Thursday.
To top it off, I’m thankful this cafe plays tasteful indie music instead of trashy pop.








The food was fabulous!
We ordered a serving of Original Buffalo Wings and Curry Flavour Fries.
The wings aren’t really up A’s alley, but I loved them because they are spicy with a little bit of sourness.
However, we were both big on the fries! YUMMY!

A succumbed to the Hot Chocolate temptation and ordered one of their well known Big-Mug Hot Chocolate.
I wasn’t in the mood for beer, so it was Strawberry Banana Smoothie for me.
They were both damn good, especially the Hot Chocolate!
The marshmallows melt on the surface of the drink, it’s just totally orgasmic!







We also checked out their outdoor dining area and I really liked it.
It’s spacious, decorated with medium-sized street lamps and street signs.
There is also a back door that leads you straight to Thomson Plaza too!




Big hugs and thanks to A for the lovely afternoon at Little Part 1 Cafe.
Here is their address if you’re keen on checking it out too.

Little Part 1 Cafe
15 Jasmine Road
Singapore 576584
Tel: 6451 7553

A and I are currently in the midst of preparing for our Bangkok Trip on Thursday!
Be right back with more updates and cafes!
Hope you like the little virtual tour around the well-hidden Little Part 1 Cafe!
Share it with your besties and bring you loved ones there if you’re in the area. πŸ™‚

Peace xx


  1. Jacqueline says

    hi, may i know what camera are you using? im currently deciding on which camera to purchase and all your photos are looking so pretty! πŸ™‚


  2. Hi. Do also try the Owl’s Brew at 146 mackenzie road..I think it’s related to this little part 1 cafe. Owls brew serves a large variety of bottled beers, food menu is more limited. The meat balls are good though. Check it out if you have time…. They gave a resident cat who roams the neighbourhood.



  3. sixpegs says

    Jacqueline – I’m using Olympus PEN. πŸ™‚

    M – Cool. Thanks! Will go google and find out more about the cafe! πŸ™‚


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