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New Smiles

I am excited about this entry because I get to introduce a place I went to get the perfect smile!
I have always been not very confident with my teeth, especially the upper row because I have a gap between my two front teeth.
The ends of the two front teeth are jagged, and my teeth are really small.
I’m too used to chewing food on the right side of my mouth, so the right incisor and canine teeth are worn too.
My horrible teeth-grinding habit (bruxism) when I sleep is not helpful towards the worn teeth too.
As a result, the loss in enamel has caused my teeth to be sensitive as well.

Here are a few photos of my teeth to give you a better picture.
Sorry for the weird faces in the photos. Heh!



So during my short stay in Bangkok, A and I watched some videos from the show “Style By Jury”.
Those people did WONDERS with veneers, crowns and whitening work and the results were absolutely amazing!
I really love the Style By Jury show by the way!
Here are a couple clips for you to watch too!

A and I decided that it’s worth a shot to visit one of the dentists in Bangkok to see check how much porcelain veneers costs.
And so, after much online researching, we made our way to Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic the very next day!
The clinic got two branches and both are super near our hotels! Damn happy.

It was really SO MUCH cheaper than Singapore, we paid probably like 20% to 30% of what
we will have to pay if we did the same thing in Singapore!

At our first appointment, we wanted to do the usual scaling and polishing, and ask a little more about the veneers.
But the price and service was really impressive and we decided there and then
that we will just go ahead with the extra dental work!
The best thing is, they promised that the entire process will be completed within 5 days!
I’m sure if there wasn’t a Labour Day public holiday, it would have been even faster!
Impressive impressive.


I did the consultation and was disappoint to know that I am not a suitable candidate for porcelain veneers
because the bruxism has already caused my natural teeth to wear off.
So she recommended me to crowns, which is somewhat similar to veneers but slightly more invasive.
A, on the other hand, did her veneers.
And both of us did teeth whitening! :B

Their teeth whitening service is fucking amazing!
I think it’s called some Zoom! Whitening thing, and it’s much stronger than what I did in Singapore couple years back.
The teeth REALLY got so much whiter! Even I got a shock!

As for the crown, we got a mold of our teeth taken. Here is mine!
Look at those ugly teeth on my upper row! 😡



Veneers are basically just a porcelain layer placed on the outer surface of your natural teeth.
A little part of your teeth will be shaved off so that the teeth will not be too thick after the veneers go on them.

Screen shot 2012-05-15 at PM 08.43.18

As for crowns, it is almost similar except that the porcelain will be shaped like a cap instead of just a outer layer.
These give more protection and are tougher compared to veneers,
but it is more invasive because more enamel has to be shaved off the teeth.

Screen shot 2012-05-15 at PM 08.43.24

There is local anesthesia injected into the gums during the shaving of the teeth so it was pretty much painless.
Even after the anesthesia wore off, there is practically not much pain but there is slightly bruising.

This is me right after the treatment.
My upper lips is greeeeennnnnnn and purpleeeee! Ohmygod.



And beware! The ugliest photo I will show on my post.
Brace your eyes!


The swelling made my whole fucking face swell like a pig’s head! 😦
But because there wasn’t much pain, I decided not to waste my time in Bangkok so we continued shopping.
I am so glad I am in Bangkok and not in Singapore because I don’t wanna walk around looking like Piggy here!

But of course, after the dentist shaved off the enamel, she didn’t leave me walking around with my ULTRA-SENSITIVE tiny teeth.
I had temporary crowns done up for me.
But I had such a huge shock when I saw the colour of my gum man!
It’s grey and purple!
*might look a little gross*


OK, another freaking hideous photo of me right after the dental appointment.


This is the pose I have every time I’m seated somewhere, in an attempt to hide my sexy lips.


The dentist instructed me to do a lot of cold compression for the first two days to reduce the swelling.
And by the third day onwards, I have to do hot compressions to increase blood flow, to ease the bruising.


I had the temporary crowns for about 3 days and I was thrilled when it’s finally my turn to get the permanent crowns on!
But I was really worried at the same time because I needed another round of anesthesia.
Sucks man.

When the 2 hour appointment ended, I was so happy!
It was all worth it!
These are some pictures taken on the same day the permanent crowns are put on.







Our teeth are SO SO white! Now I cannot stop smiling to myself. Hahaha!

For Aileen, her concern about her teeth was the little naughty tooth that was pushed backwards and not aligned with the rest.
So she corrected it with 8 veneers on the upper row.
This is how she look like before the veneers.


The procedures for veneers was much simpler and the swelling was much lesser than mine as well.
She still look very pretty even with her swollen upper lips. Heh!


And this is her teeth after her veneers are completed!



I like how the teeth look so natural!
My mom didn’t even realize I did something to my teeth only until a week after I returned from Bangkok.
The teeth looks and feels exactly the same as my natural teeth and my bite was not affected a single bit.
I like how both my canine teeth are pointy again and they look symmetrical again!
The two worn off teeth has been re-constructed too and I can smile big big again now!

This is the BEFORE/AFTER picture:


The lighting of the picture above wasn’t very consistent.
I have to emphasize that my teeth has become so much whiter, as white as the sclera of my eyes now!



My gums are pink and healthy now.
The teeth look so natural nobody would even know those are crowns if I don’t tell!
Strong and healthy teeth is so so precious.
Hope you guys are not too turned off by the swollen face and purple gums photos!

Some of you might wonder if veneers and crowns are permanent.
Well, according to what I understand and found from the research,
the most common for the crowns and veneers failing is tooth decay.
In fact, poor hygiene practices are the main culprits for unhealthy teeth.
So with proper care, and that also includes not biting ice and not using teeth as bottle openers,
these porcelain veneers and crowns have the potential to last a lifetime!

LIKE the post to let me know if you like our new smiles! 😀
I was so excited to share my experience with you guys, very happy now! Hahaha.
And if you have any questions at all, feel free to shoot!

Will be back with the last entry of my Bangkok trip in a jiffy.
Peace xx


  1. velvet says

    hey peggy, just wondering any decay on your front teeth? why would the dentist go for crown instead of veneer? and how did your lip become swollen and bruised like that? what did the dentist say? anyway, very nice smile! (:


    • sixpegs says

      velvet – Hahahaha so many questions! I don’t have decay on any teeth at all lah. Haha. I explained in my post why my dentist asked me to go for crowns instead of veneers my darling. Because I have bruxism habit so it’s not good for the veneers. Lips are swollen because of the shock from all the work done on my gums and teeth I think. The dentists were pretty assuring though 🙂

      Jes – I paid S$4k for everything. But that’s because crowns are a little more expensive than veneers. Aileen’s was cheaper.

      espenine – hahaha really? I’ll let her know. Ask her go inject some fillers. Lol. But yeah you’re weird. Her lips quite swollen in that photo leh!


  2. espenine says

    I actually think A looks even better with swollen pouty lips! Ok, I m weird. hahaha 😛


  3. genmaicha says

    can i know how the dentist managed to push aileen’s front teeth and her naughty tooth back? i thought veneers are just stuff you bond onto the front of your teeth. how come it can correct how straight the teeth are?


    • sixpegs says

      genmaicha – Hmmm I’m not so sure, but I think they just file the teeth and compensated with the thickness of the veneers? That would work logically. You can do some research and watch some youtube videos! They are quite useful when we were doing research for our dental procedures too 🙂 Hope that helps!


  4. Marri says

    Hello Peggy:) I am so motivated to do my teeth too seeing yours and Aileen one! Can I ask how much is it for veneers? Like for one teeth and how much Aileen paid for hers? Thank you so much! 🙂


    • sixpegs says

      Marri – Hello there Marri! Cute name you have btw. The veneers costs about S$300+ per tooth. Aileen did 8 in total for her upper row, so you do the math. 🙂 On top of that, we also did the 1-hour laser whitening and the usual scaling and polishing. The bill came up to about S$3k for her.


  5. ASHLEY says

    Dear Peggy,
    Thank you so much for travel place at BKK.
    Really look fwd for your upcoming post! *can’t wait* cos i’m flying BKK This friday! your info wuld really come in good time!!



  6. meioaxi says

    I’m so tempted to get my teeth whitening done!! Btw is it safe for a girl to go there alone?


  7. Sharer says

    looking amazingly great now! 😉 thanks for such a detailed review of it & for sharing it with us!


  8. Velvet says

    Haha! I know you mentioned! But I was thinking did the dentist say about anything cuz for what I know, porcelain crowns will wear off our natural teeth and on top of that you have got bruxism, that might worsen the condition.. That’s what stopping me from getting my teeth crowned because of the gap too! Anyway, the dentist knows the best and you have a really nice smile now!! So tempted to get it done!!


  9. Nic says

    is the effect of the laser whitening lasting?

    is the process painful? thanks!

    btw i am going BKK in a mth time. any iternary u could share?


  10. asher.b says

    hi sixpegs!
    where did you go to in bkk to get you and A’s teeth fixed?


  11. wah! super super nice smile! honestly if you didnt write this post i wouldnt have noticed HAHAHAHA

    cos your smile’s gorgeous all along to me lah!


  12. Ashley – Great to hear that! I hope you had fun in Bangkok too! 😀

    meioaxi – I think it’s fairly safe, but similar for all countries, stay out of quiet dark areas when you’re alone! 🙂

    Sharer – Thanks for the compliment. And it’s my pleasure to share 🙂

    Velvet – Crowns won’t wear off your own teeth. The dentist have to shave off a bit of your real teeth to put on the crowns if not your teeth will all become v thick and uncomfortable and unnatural. For bruxism, there seem to be no cure for it except learning to relax the jaw muscles. So mouth guard is a better bet to protect the teeth while we sleep. You should visit a dentist and get a consultation too! 😀 I’m sure it’s on a case-to-case basis. Dentists give the best advice after they have assessed your teeth condition 🙂

    Nic – Whitening is pretty lasting with good dental care! 🙂 It’s not painful but can be pretty sensitive to the teeth. I don’t really have a day to day itinerary but the places I went to are all listed our on the blog. Have fun on your BKK trip! 😀

    asher.b – We went Bangkok Smile Clinic. (it’s written in the post)

    evonne – Thanks dear! Hahaha yeah I know it’s not very obvious but ya, quite big diff to me lah because I see my teeth everyday. Hahahaha.


  13. hi peggy! i tried googling where the dental clinic is and found its address, but may i please know if it’s very far away from central bangkok – where all the mbk, centralworld and other shopping malls are? thank you!


  14. Ryy says

    Hi, chanced upon your website when i was googling for teeth whitening. Can i just check your clinic is near to central bangkok? Which hotel did you stay in BKK for this trip?


    • Ryy – The clinic is near central Bangkok. I stayed in Ten Face Bangkok, MADUZI Hotel and Furama Xclusive.


  15. Wbb says

    Hello Peggy,

    May I enquire which Teeth Whitening Treatment you went for?
    From the webby I see Truly Laser & Zoom! So wondering which is the one you went for..



  16. Hi Peggy, thanks for sharing!! You and A’s teeth look awesome!! I feel so inspired to have them corrected (veneers) in Bkk! xD Singapore’s pricing is so high that I can’t afford to have them done here..

    I would like to ask you a few question~ hmm you said you researched but what made you choose this clinic? I tried researching and found that this clinic is popular among tourists instead of locals so I was afraid the pricing would be higher. Also, I was wondering if it is cheaper to book an appointment with the clinic online before going down? How many days should I stay there if I would like to do veneers?

    Sorry for spamming you with so many questions but I have one more question.. 😛 I read that veneers usually lasts for about 10 years? And if one is unlucky or does not take care of one’s teeth, the teeth may chip and that’s the end of it >_< It's kinda like the main concern for me as veneers are not really cheap and I'm afraid if the effects are not lasting, it would be a waste of money. What's worse is that I love to eat spicy, crispy, hot & icy stuffs!! hahaha if that's gonna worsen the effects.. What made you decide to go ahead?

    Thanks in advance for your reply, Peggy! :))


  17. Stacy says

    Thank you so much for writing and sharing this. Your smile is beautiful!!! I am in Pattaya on vacation from America. I tripped walking in the street and chipped my front tooth in half. I was looking for someplace to fix it when I stumbled upon your blog. We are heading to Bangkok, so I feel better about getting it fixed. Thank you!!


  18. alya says

    Hi Peggy!
    I just wondering, does veneer replaceable? as if in case the veneers chip or crack
    And what’s the hardest food you can bite so far with veneers?
    Anyway thank you so much for the information you provide here on your blog, it helps me a lot!
    have a nice day, peg


  19. Hey Peggy,

    What an amazing share!!

    I completely agree with you that dental veneers are used to change the shape, color, size or length of teeth. This dental solution will dramatically change the appearance, and most likely boost ones self-confidence.


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