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Kombi Rocks

Screen shot 2012-05-25 at AM 12.27.00

I am thrilled about this place the moment I heard about it.
And I have to thank Cheryl for such a great recommendation!
For those of you who doesn’t know yet, Kombi is actually the name of this type of vehicle shown in the banner above.
One of the prettiest designs from Volkswagen, if you ask me!

Kombi Rocks is not just any other cute cafe!
Other than the “Diner” branch, they also have the “Rides” branch where they have cute vintage vehicles for hire.
Whether you’re planning for a photoshoot, wedding or just for a joyride, you can get them!
Imagine a wedding with such a cute ride, too cute.

Screen shot 2012-05-25 at AM 12.28.09

That’s us on our way to Kombi Rocks!
It’s situated on Yio Chu Kang Road, nearer to the Serangoon side.
That’s really close to A’s place and we are thrilled to have discovered another cute cafe to hang out at near home. πŸ™‚

[Yes we bought those old school snacks to eat. WE LOVE!]


It is hard to miss this place.
There would always be a couple eye-catching classic vintage rides parked at its doorstep.
We were here for a late lunch so we were the only table there.



Look at that cute light pink Kombi parked just outside the cafe! Cute right!
We also saw this absolutely gorgeous Porsche (we found out that its the owner’s ride after chatting with the boss).



The menu looks pretty old school too.



And A is looking funky here. Hahaha!


After reading up more about the background of Kombi Rocks (the history of the place is included at the back of the menu),
we found out that it started out as Koon Kee Restaurant which was started in 1971.
I looked around at the interiors of the diner and YES, it does look like an old school kopitiam-style
restaurant if you minus all the posters, funky decors and vintage vehicles littered all around the place.
The retro coffee tables, tiles, barber chairs, old clocks and floor designs, reminds me of the old Singapore in the 70s/80s.

The owners of the diner must be huge fan of music and automobiles.
See the next few pictures and you will know why I said that!





I like this blind spot mirror shot. You can pretty much see the entire shop from here!


Look at the kopitiam style coffee table and chairs and old school floor tiles!


Owners are probably huge Beatles fans too! πŸ˜€





I also spotted a SUPER cute pay phone tucked in a corner of the diner.
Why are pay phones now not as cute anymore?


I think the main customers for the hire of rides came from weddings.
There are a lot of wedding-related stuff in the diner.
Look at this!
Isn’t that what people used to do when they get married?
Drive away from the church in a cute Volkswagen Beetle with cans dragging behind the car saying “JUST MARRIED”?
Anyways, is it even legal to drag cans on the roads in Singapore? Heh.





There is also a little “Retail Section” at the back of the diner where you can pick up old memorabilia.


The “well not everything” looks like it’s added in later. Hahaha!
Someone must have attempted to buy something weird from the shop. :p



A and I picked a seat outdoors near the entrance of the diner.
I love the barber chairs they have in the diner!
We are sitting next to two barber chairs and the table is made from an old sewing machine.
Very creative!



The view from my seat.



The very pretty tiles on the table.


Even the owners’ name cards are super cute!


Anyways, we spoke to Ah Hai and he was super nice.
Oh! Before I forget, he told me that there would be a car boot flea market going on at Orchard Central this weekend!
A lot of their vehicles will be featured I think. Do head down if you’re keen.
I think I saw the TVC too, got celebrities heading there too. πŸ™‚

Kombi Rocks serves Thai fusion and they sure did their food very well!

Fish Maw Soup for $13. Aroi Mak Mak!


I also ordered Tom Yum Vermicelli Soup.
It’s really good! Wish it was a bit spicier though! Heh.


A got her favourite Thai dish too.
She has been eating this everytime she has the chance to when we were in Bangkok two weeks ago.


Food was pretty good and reasonably priced!
I recommend this place to anyone who likes old school looking place,
and if you also have a penchant for vintage classic automobiles, you MUST NOT miss this place.
There are more vehicles parked at the back of the diner too (which I didn’t explore),
so do check them out if you’re there in future too! πŸ™‚

Here is their address.

Kombi Rocks Diner
66 Yio Chu Kang Road,
Serangoon, Singapore 545568
Tel: 62881206

Before we head off, I went to check out the interiors of the Kombi.
It’s really super cute lor. I like. 😦


OK lah, and one last picture, help them do free ad.


Hope you like this recommendation because I totally dig it!
I am having so much fun exploring new places and pigging out.
LIKE this post if you want more cafes!
And please do give me a slight nudge and let me know if I am going overboard with the visiting of cafes.
If not, please shoot & leave a comment to let me know where to go next!!!

Peace xx

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Peggy is an independent blogger from Singapore who has a penchant for impromptu travel plans and good caffe lattes. She is the co-owner of two little cafes, The Tiramisu Hero and Butter My Buns, and hopes to be able to see the world someday; one stop at a time.


  1. Love your blog so much peg! May I know where you got your necklace? It’s really beautiful!


  2. Jaxine says

    Sadly my experience at Kombi Rocks was not such a pleasant one as yours.

    While I loved the way they had decorated their restaurant and all the old school stuff in it, we unfortunately went at one of their busiest timing: Sunday Lunch time.

    There was abt 6-7 tables of people at that time and only 1 chef (as we soon learned). As a result, we waited for 1.5hrs before our food arrived! Some of the other customers left before their food arrived cause they grew tired of waiting.

    The food was ok only, probably because it was cooked in a rush. Quite disappointing as I wld have expect them to be better prepared to handle a big weekend crowd especially after all the advertising they had been doing.

    Just wanted to share my experience and I hope they have already improved on their service since then. =)


  3. dropletsloves says

    Will like to share with you the list i have which i aim to explore.
    Some already explored however some have yet 😦

    If you are keen , can check out my list
    here you go~~~~~


    Chris Tea House

    Loola – under Awfully Chocolate


    Malted Milk- Serve Fruitty Beer

    Shuffle – Bilingual Live Performance and nice food there

    Switch – Under Timber and Live Band as well

    Broadway Cafe


    Grin Affairs- Cup Cakes in small jar (must go):)

    Box & Sticks- Japanese Food…yummy

    Arbite- Brunch and Dinner

    Ardent’s Cafe & Bar- Try to go in the evening then can get to sit outdoor with nice swing chair display

    Kko kko Nara Korean- Yummy Fried chicken – Open till 2am..ideal place for supper

    Maison Ikkoku- nice ice latte…and second level with men apparel import from Japan, third level is bar counter (open at 6pm) chill out with frens..

    First Thai – always crowded..heard that their thai food damn authenic and the decoration as well

    Group Therapy Cafe- so cosy and nice brunch there….my fave drink there is roasted almond ice latte

    The Plain – Brunch and coffee

    Restore Cafe – Yummy waffle and vintage chairs on sale

    PigeonHole cafe – my fav chill out place

    The Wok and Barrel- special dish like beef redang pizza and Bak Chor Mee Pasta

    Crazyworld Cafe- yummy Wings and home made ice lemon tea
    Do call and check out before head down cos they might hv events at times

    Shuffle Bistro- Billigual Liveband

    Hummerstons- Great place to chill for drinks..nice sofa seats..nice truffle fries

    Switch – under Timbre (Billingual Liveband)

    Black Sheep Cafe

    The Orange Thimble

    Big Bad Wolf

    Kilo – Japanese and Italian Food

    Rovus Cafe


    Loola – under Awefully Chocolate

    Happy Weekend Ahead!!


  4. kombi rocks looks so nice! shall visit it soon. hehe. blog more blog more!

    you can try Loysel’s Toy if you like a quiet place for coffee! πŸ™‚


  5. senspalace says

    Try Hungry Chimps! New beautiful attic style cafe situated at 64A Prinsep street. Interiors damn nice, and they serve very good craft beers and all day breakfast!


  6. S – Thank so much for reading my website! The silver chain you mean? A and I got it from Pyrrha!

    Jaxine – That’s a nice name you have πŸ™‚ Oh no so sorry to hear about your experience at Kombi Rocks. 1.5 hrs of waiting is totally insane and unacceptable man! I think we went during off peak hours so it wasn’t that bad. The food was served pretty quickly and the people there were very nice too. Hope they will try to improve their service and speed during peak hours too because it’s such a cute place.

    dropletsloves – thanks for your compliment girl! I got it online from! πŸ™‚ And thanks so much for the MASSIVE list of cafes and places to go! It must have taken you a while to type them all out. I really appreciate it!!

    S – Sure will check out Loysel’s Toy too. Walked by outside the cafe when I was going to get my ukulele upstairs at the same building but haven’t been in there before. I’ll keep blogging! Keep reading too k! ❀

    senspalace – Coolios! Looks like there are a lot of nice places to go at Princep area! πŸ˜€


  7. Bezner says

    That’s a Gibson Hummingbird, isn’t it? What’s such an amazing guitar doing sitting there not being played??


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