Month: June 2012

Original Fairy Tale Endings

Lately, I heard something about fairy tales are really just fairy tales. Not in the way how most girls would complain “there is no such thing as happily ever after“, but in actual fact that these stories ended with really gruesome endings originally. I did some research and did a compilation of 10 stories most of us are familiar with. Most of us grew up reading (or watching) Walt Disney storybooks or movies thinking that one fine day, some Prince Charming (or Princess, in my case) would pop out of nowhere and love us forever. I wish they told us these original endings to the so-called fairy tales when we were a little younger. These stories entertained me so much I feel compelled to share them with everyone I know! WARNING – This is a REALLY wordy post.

Grin Affair

Before I start on my post, I would like to thank blog reader dropletsloves for sharing a list of cafes and other food haunts! A and I dropped by Grin Affair yesterday and we loved what we found there! I have to admit that the outlook of the place did put me off for a short while. I guess that was because I was expecting a nice looking cafe and Grin Affair didn’t fit the mental image I had. I am so glad we gave the cupcakes a chance though! It was SO good! Grin Affair is located in the outskirts of town area at Everton Park. It was a really nice neighborhood! To be honest, I was a little appalled when I first arrived at Grin Affairs because I was expecting a cute looking cafe. But this shop looks just like a very old school hole in the wall. There aren’t much seats in the shop, and it is quite a small space. But strangely, I think the simplicity and unpretentious look of Grin …