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Maison Ikkoku

Screen shot 2012-06-13 at PM 09.40.47

It is another fine day for some cafe-exploring!
A and I had such a busy week and it is such a luxury to be able to take the afternoon off.
Thanks to reader dropletloves, I got to know about this really adorable cafe called Maison Ikkoku.

The walk to the cafe was a really scenic one too – I love this part of Singapore!







Maison Ikkoku is more than just an ordinary cafe.
It resides in this beautiful white shophouse – level 1 is the cafe, level 2 is the boutique and level 3 the bar.
Look at the building, isn’t it gorgeous!




The cafe was really cozy!
I like how old cupboard doors were given a second life and made into tables.
Look at our table, there is a keyhole on it.
This is doing vintage with a modern twist!



The naked bulbs and copper pipes gave the place a slight industrial feel too.
Pretty cool if you ask me!




This place has a huge variety of coffee and from how they display their collection of coffee machines for sale,
you can probably guess that Maison Ikkoku is one place you can count on when you need a good cuppa coffee!

A, being a coffee addict, ordered a cup of her regular iced latte.
It was really good!
I had my Earl Grey tea 🙂




As for food, they have quite a number of sandwiches for customers to choose from.
We were excited about their All Day Breakfast too!
But we were a little disappointed when we realized those are only for weekends.
Note to self: I have to go back again during the weekends!


We ordered a sandwich each and the food didn’t take too long to come (which was awesome cos we were starving!)
Check out my yummy Norwegian Smoked Salmon and Dill Cream sandwich!


A ordered the Ham and Monterey Jack sandwich made with honey glazed ham,
monterey jack cheese, creamy dijon mayo and baby spinach!


And us being us, we exchanged one side of the sandwich with each other! Heh.



I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised with the standard of the food served.
Ham and cheese sandwich is available everywhere, but not every ham and cheese sandwich tastes good.
(just like Aglio Olio!)
I think the combination of ingredients used in the ham and cheese sandwich was awesome!

The smoked salmon sandwich was good too (this flavour is one of their best sellers).
But I think because I started on the salmon sandwich after the ham and cheese one,
the taste of the former paled in comparison.
So be sure to try the salmon one before you steal your friend’s food the next time you go,
or you will end up with a confused taste palette like me! :p

OK, random photo.
A took this when I was eating.
I didn’t know I look so crazy when I eat.


We also took the chance to explore levels 2 and 3 of the building.
The decor of all 3 levels are in sync and it was really interesting to be able to have all three places in one building.
Check out the boutique!
I heard most of the items here were imported from Japan, they sell mostly men’s wear though.
But girls, do check them out too because a lot of the accessories I saw there were dope!


I LOVE this door! The hinges are in the middle.







Level 3 is the bar.
I was very excited as we were walking up the stairs and I was totally blown away when I first laid eyes on the bar.
The view of the roof of the shophouses and the gorgeous Sultan Mosque was really cute!
Not breathtaking or majestic, but definitely very Singaporean. 🙂




They have indoor seats at the bar too.




I hope you like Maison Ikkoku as much as I do! ❤
Here are some basic information about the cafe so you can find a right time to check them out too.

Screen shot 2012-07-18 at PM 11.01.14

I’m also here to share some pretty photos I got from Sinsin for her wedding that happened in May!

Lots of love!
Something I didn’t share in my post about Sinsin’s wedding is the few of us actually performed for her wedding.

Screen shot 2012-07-19 at AM 12.24.40
Screen shot 2012-07-19 at AM 12.26.04
Screen shot 2012-07-19 at AM 12.24.31
Screen shot 2012-07-19 at AM 12.24.24
Screen shot 2012-07-19 at AM 12.23.49
Screen shot 2012-07-19 at AM 12.23.35
Screen shot 2012-07-19 at AM 12.23.22
Screen shot 2012-07-19 at AM 12.23.02
Screen shot 2012-07-19 at AM 12.22.52
Screen shot 2012-07-19 at AM 12.18.40

A and I are working on something fun and exciting, so exciting that I’m dying to tell everyone
but I can’t reveal it as of now because I have been sworn to secrecy.

Till then, I will be checking out more places to go, things to eat, stuff to buy!
Have a good day ahead peeps!

Peace xx


  1. Try visiting Maison Ikkoku at night instead! The view at the rooftop is actually really kinda breath-taking when the city & mosque lights are up.


  2. Justina says

    Oh wow! Wonder what song u gals sang in your GF wedding.
    Lucky GF of yours must be swooned with love!! 🙂


  3. dropletsloves says

    good to hear that you like this place…:)
    got two places to recommend…

    If you n A are coffee lover…shall go Yahava…think near sembawang…not convenient at all. i think you n A will love the door of the cafe…:)
    (**a pair of portafilters on the door handle**) how cute!!

    Another quaint cafe called The Factory . Is located near upper serangoon rd…serve handmade ice cream …waffles and artisan fries with unique dips.

    i have yet to explore…share with you first ya…

    cheers ,


  4. Irene says

    Hi may I know where you bought the top/dress you wore to Maison Ikkoku from? And the yellow satchel bag as well? TQ!


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