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Thanks Eu Yan Sang!

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My treatment with Eu Yan Sang has finally come to an end.
Physician Zhou has given me enough medicine to last me for another two weeks after my last visit to the clinic.
I now do not have to take the medicine daily anymore, but more on a when-I-need-it basis –
so I just need to make a hot mug of drink whenever I am having ‘stiffy’ neck aches.

At my last treatment at Eu Yan Sang, Physician Zhou gave me a combination of treatment of acupuncture and cupping.
I had a really stiff neck that day, probably because of my bad sleeping posture,
and the pain was alleviated immediately after the two treatments!
The acupuncture and cupping was also, as usual, done after a verbal consultation with
the Physician to understand my current state of health.
Physician Zhou also introduced me to a new technique for cupping where it will leave no marks on the body at all!
She heated up the air in the cups, but this time round, instead of leaving the cups on my body,
she dragged them across my problem areas swiftly.
So, no marks at all! It was really understanding and accommodating of her
because I was wearing a singlet that day and had a dinner later that night. :p

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, this is how cupping looks like:

Screen shot 2012-09-28 at PM 11.51.26

I was also really glad to hear from Physician Zhou that she thinks I’m looking healthier and less tired than before.
The little tips from her (like wearing more warm clothes that covers my neck area,
and preventing direct exposure to cold air from a fan or air con on my neck) really works. 🙂
Personally, I also felt a change in my general health and the vast improvement in my aches especially on days
when I received treatments and follow the Physicians recommendations on how to improve my daily life or change certain habits.

It has been a good couple of months since I first stepped into Eu Yan Sang and tried Traditional Chinese Medicine for the first time.

I am also proud to be one of the patrons of a network of clinic that gives back to society through various ways!

For those of you who haven’t heard, Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic’s adopted charity is Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society (THK).
There are donation boxes at all Eu Yan Sang clinics to collect donations from people
who would like to contribute to help the needy too.
To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Eu Yan Sang Clinics is raising funds through various fundraising activities.
Besides the donation boxes, you can also get a special red commemorative THK-EYS umbrella for S$10,
from which proceeds will go to THK.

Eu Yan Sang sure have come a long way since the opening of their first clinic in Singapore in 2002.
Over the 10 years, they have opened many clinics in various parts of Singapore
and now also have a clinic in Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (and I’m happy because that’s super near my house haha)!
There is a Child-Friendly Clinic in Sembawang too! So cute right. :p

I was also featured in one of the episodes of 纵横中医 (that has already started airing by the way!) on Channel 8
to showcase my experience with TCM and how it has took care of my persistent neck aches and other sub-health ailments.
It was really fun working with the crew too!
First time in my life I have people coming to my house to film me in my bedroom. Haha! Cheap thrill.
The show will be screening every Sat, 930pm on channel 8 all the way until 27th October
and some of the topics discussed are menopausal symptoms, sub-fertility, TCM weight management,
pain management, high blood pressure and more.
So do remember to catch it if you know if anyone who might need help from TCM.
The episode featuring me will air tomorrow (!!), 29 Sep.
Do tune in and watch me share my story with TCM if you’re in the mood for TV!
It would be like a summary for all my blog posts so far! :p
I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions about my TCM experience too.

There is also a weekly contest going on at the microsite that you can check out!
They are giving away Eu Yan Sang goodie packs worth more than $32!
All you need to do is to answer a really, really simple question based on this post.

That’s all from me! Let me know or leave a comment if you have any thoughts about TCM to share too! 🙂

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