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Although the Tokyo trip just ended, I am always in when it comes to having Japanese cuisine.
My latest discovery (also one of my favourite haunts for gyoza) is the small but mighty Gyoza-Ya
located at Robinsons Orchard, which was previously known as The Heeren Shops.

It is easy to miss Gyoza-Ya if you are at Robinsons Orchard for the first time.
That happened to A and I when we were busy reminiscing how the basement of The Heeren Shops used to look like,
while we are constantly being distracted by the pretty little trinkets and stylish-looking kitchen wares.
I am a big fan of gyoza (basically any kinds of dumpling – from wanton to 北京水饺 to ravioli),
so Gyoza-Ya is something you would not want to miss out on.


As the name suggests, the little restaurant specialises in gyoza,
but they also have a small selection of other treats like the signature Jyajya-Men,
as well as Soft Bone Karaage, Nikujyaga which consists of succulent beef slices, onions, carrots
and potatoes stewed to perfection in a thick sweet broth just to name a few.

They serve gyoza with various fillings, and they also allow customers to choose between
the usual pan-fried ones, or boiled ones.
A and I preferred the pan-fried ones because they are so freaking succulent and we heard from the server that
their gyoza are freshly made every single day (and sometimes only made upon request during off-peak hours).
The ingredients are also air-flown from Japan! No wonder we can still taste a little bit of Japan in there. :p


In the picture above, you can also see the Chicken Soft Bone Karaage which A is totally crazy about!
She is just a cartilage-siao la. Hahaha. But it is really very yummy and CRUNCHY! :p


We had Jyajya-Men. They had these interesting instructions to teach people how to eat it properly,
so we just had to try it out just for the experience.
The taste is very unique but definitely something that I can get used to.
Very tasty!

Do not let its bland colours fool you. :p


The noodles are reasonably priced at $6.50 and comfortably feeds one person.
Best thing is – you actually also get to enjoy some soup after you finished your noodles!
The staff would come over and add a quail’s egg and some stock into your bowl.
Two dishes for the price of one! :p *cheapskate*


Another one of my favourites is this Nikujyaga which I have briefly mentioned earlier.
It is part savoury/part sweet. Very interesting taste! You have to try it to know how the taste is like.


If you are feeling a mega temptation to get your hands on these for your next meal,
Gyoza-Ya is conveniently located in town!

– – –

A: Robinsons Orchard 260 Orchard Road #B1-02A Singapore 238855
T: +65 6737 5581
Hrs: 11:30am to 10:00pm Daily

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