Month: June 2014

Pretty Faces. Pretty Sounds.

I’ve been bothered by my huge face my entire adult life, always envious of the tiny faces on other girls. Slightly more than 2 months ago, I tried Botox again with Dr SM Yuen at Atlas Medical Laser & Aesthetics Clinic – the same doctor I went to many years back. As much as Botox is very common right now, and there are so many Before/After pictures online, I would like to share my little Botox Progress Journal over the last 2 months odd and share some of the commonly asked questions about Botox.

Out About Town

Is being busy a good enough excuse for MIA-ing on my blog? Heh. As much as I’ve been missing in action in here. I’ve actually been living a pretty exciting (real) life – meeting new people, taking up new jobs for blog, shows and also for the cafe. I’m turning 30 but I’m feeling more recharged than ever, more so than when I was in my early twenties. I hope the best is yet to come. I actually tried hosting an event for Sans & Sans a while ago! For the record, I never thought I could host ANYTHING. This is pretty embarrassing – I’ve actually been “scouted” to go for an audition for a popular English radio station before. But I screwed it up so bad I hardly even mention this to anyone. I was also scouted to go for an audition for a popular Chinese radio station, but in the end I decided to give it a miss because my ego was wounded. Hahaha! But looking back, I think I should be able …

A Smile From Dad

My Dad comes from Ipoh, Malaysia. He does not speak English and did not complete high school education and he has been working as a public bus driver for more than a decade. Dad is quiet and he hardly smiles. The only time he talks more is when he is slightly intoxicated. But whenever he wants to talk to me after he had had a few drinks, I would feel annoyed because he keeps repeating what he wants to say. Dad indulges in some vices occasionally; he has been a smoker since I was young and he enjoys having beer sessions with his colleagues almost every day after work. His favourite hangout was at a coffee shop near home. He would wave for me to come by his table whenever he catches me having lunch there in my secondary school uniform back then. “This is my daughter. She is very good at her studies!” he would tell his co-workers in Mandarin. Gradually, I found myself avoiding that coffee shop whenever I know my Dad is …