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My Love For Cheryl W

My journey with Cheryl W start in March when my dear friend Cheryl contacted me and invited me to try out some of her new Wellness and Weight Management treatments. Located at Ngee Ann City Tower B, my first impression of Cheryl W was “Wow, gorgeous decor and super convenient location!”

Cheryl W, founded by Cheryl Wee, stands for Wellness & Weight Management for the young modern independent women. It aims to promote positive wellness & weight management lifestyle. Through this brand, Cheryl Wee shares her years of personal experience battling with weight management problems and how she overcome it. So at Cheryl W, there are no fad diets or extreme treatments, but they bring forth a more holistic and “from within” kind of approach when it comes to health and weight management.

All around the beautiful Cheryl W, there are little encouragement posters, and also many coffee table books about eating well and eating clean among other books to encourage looking healthy, rather than just being ahem.. thin and feeble. :p You know, strong is the new skinny.


I have been visiting Cheryl W for slightly more than 2 months now, and I always look forward to my next Cheryl W experience. Apart from the super nice consultants who are always so friendly and welcoming (especially you, Connie! *waves*), the place itself makes me feel relaxed and at-ease the moment I step in.

A typical visit to Cheryl W would comprise of two treatments and also a short me-time (I totally enjoy the me-time, to be honest haha!) in the many private steam rooms that they have. Of course, at your first visit, one of the professional consultants will do an analysis for your body type, take some measurements, and also have a short talk with you to find out more about your dietary, exercise and lifestyle habits. The kind of treatments you will receive will then be fully customised and personalised based on individual needs.


The interiors are simple but very comfortable to be in. For the last 6 visits with Cheryl W, I have tried several machines and treatments; from detox wraps to cold wraps, to machines and scrubs. Every visit is always a surprise and it never gets mundane around here. :p

My favourite so far is the Acupressure Lymphatic Activation Massage, Thermal Blanket which really works well on days when my water-retention is just crazy and the Customised Fat Buster Treatment which is warm and nice but right after, you’ll feel as if you’ve just finished a serious work out! I later learnt that being in the thermal blanket for 30 minutes equates to 1 hour of non-stop exercise, or about 300 calories burnt! Poof! Beat that! Haha!

The body scrub and steam bath rooms are also awesome because it helps to draw out toxins and water retention from the body. So with better blood circulation and the promotion of the growth of new skin cells, my skin always feels more hydrated and smooth after I’m done with treatments!


Cheryl W also has her own line of signature drinks that are so, so yummy!

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 1.19.21 am

You can read more about each both them here.

My favourite has got to be Flush because I think it’s a great Detox drink and I personally really believe that cleaning from the inside is the first step to help the body absorb vital nutrients better. It’s like plum flavour and super tasty as well! :p

I have enough privacy to camwhore here. Hurhur!


Cheryl has also came up with a discount code for all of my readers!


Click here to enjoy THREE sessions of Signature Royal Flush Body Treatment for only $68! This is really my favourite treatment and it is also the winner of Best Detoxifying Treatment for HerWorld Magazine!

For all SIXPEGS readers, with that link, you will also receive 3 sessions of body wraps and a complimentary door gift worth $200 (I pray for you that it’s the Flush drink ok! Because it’s really very good! Haha!)

That’s all from me for now! Till next time!
And see you at Cheryl W!

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  1. Shelly Cheah says

    Do you go to cheryl w?
    Is their weight management really good compare to london weight management or marie france?


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