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The Encounter

Before I begin, can I please say that I’m not getting paid a single cent to promote this.

My tiramisu gang and I checked out The Encounter and it was a freaking awesome Escape Room!
I haven’t been to a lot of escape rooms (only this one and another one called,
and Encounter really blew my mind!

We look pretty garang all decked up in our uniforms ya? :p


The Encounter is our new neighbour at Jalan Besar and it’s just one street away from us.
So close; like our back doors are facing each other! We just HAD to try them out!


I like how they open until quite late and the decor of the place is so out-of-the-world!
Trapped.Sg is pretty puzzles-heavy, a lot of mathematical calculations etc (you’d know if you have tried),
but this one is more story-based and really puts you in the mood, especially with their whole setup.

– – –

The story is about a family of a mother and her two daughters going missing,
you and your team will be in their apartment to play detective and find out exactly what happen to them.
Check this video out, it’s really pretty cool and they put in so much effort!

Creepy much?

I don’t want to give away too much spoilers but if you and your friends are looking at doing an Escape Room game,
please try this one out!

Look at our NERVOUS faces!


The Encounter is located at 302 Jalan Besar #B1-01 and you can pop by
their website to book your escape session.
I encourage doing a session at night because it’s creepier that way!

And because I co-own The Tiramisu Hero and can abuse my rights (hahaha),
we are giving away a free jar of our MommaHero tiramisu to every person who completes the game!
(I mean, it’s convenient right? Since our back doors face each other and neighbours should love each other)
Heh! :p

Ok, even if you’re not interested in our tiramisu, check them out because they’re SO good!

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 5.28.44 pm

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