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For a start, I would like to publicly proclaim my love for these black and white houses. They are SO pretty! Dinner last night was at Ki-Sho, a fine Japanese restaurant along Scotts Road. But before I tempt you to death with the pictures of the food they serve, I would like to thank ROOM Apparel for gifting me my current fave jacket! Love the use of two different fabrics. Love the cut. Love the fit! ROOM is giving 20% discount to their items (excludes consignment items) right now, just quote SIXPEGS. 🙂 Thank you Caely from Shunji Matsuo 313 for the cut and colour too! Totally digging it, big time!


I attended the Guess Watches event some time back and have yet blogged about it, so here it is! I have never owned a Guess watch but I always remembered Guess as being loud and ‘bling’. After the event, I realized that they have so many different styles of watches, and there are so many that I cannot take my eyes off! From the loud, bling and stylish ones, to simple classic designs – every different style. During the event, I was supposed to style a model with Guess apparels to match a Guess watch of my choice. And of course, who else will be a better model than my favourite girl, A! I met other well known bloggers like my Velda, Beatrice, Zoe and Rachell. And also got the chance to meet Vel’s model Alessia again! Haven’t seen her since New Face time! And if you don’t know, I actually got to know Velda and Alessia during New Face days back in 2006. Those were the days! OK sorry I digressed. So at the …

Hello Forever

It was Lianie’s birthday on 2nd October and we all headed out to have dinner together at Casa Verde at Botanic Gardens! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIANIE DEAR! May you always be so gorgeous and fucking fabulous! We love you! ❤ The food there was really good and I like how it is not crazy crowded even at dinner time. I’ve been there for lunch once and it was packed to the brim! (Or maybe we were just luckier that night) Glorious food! I love the pizza!! I wore my new parka from Runway Bandits and new awesome kicks from Soeurs! If you haven’t heard of Soeurs, it’s time to visit them at Cineleisure Level 2. It’s opened by the awesome Jayne Tham and her sister Jasmine! And even if you don’t want to check out these lovely sisters, do it for the gorgeous shoes they have in store! I love this pair so much that I got it in both blue and pink! Totally dig the metal tips. xxx The next day, I set out early …