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Skincare & I

I received a couple requests in comments and through the chat box for me to do up an entry about my skincare regime.
So here it is, me and many horrible [never seen before] pictures of me with horrible skin.
I think I have had a long battle with pimples, pimple scars and dull looking skin.
With that, I would like to say that I am really not someone born with fabulous skin.
At many times, it was makeup or just good photography that helped concealed my flaws.

Today, I’m gonna show you some scary photos of myself.
Hopefully, you would still read my website after you’re done with this entry! Hahaha.

Screen shot 2012-02-19 at PM 07.51.58

Alright, to be fair, I think I was born with average skin.
Occasional pimples, dull areas around the nose & mouth and dark eye rings (what else)? Bleah.
But to make things worse, the modelling and mad craze for new and many cosmetics and makeup products made my skin worse.
And I think my worst nemesis was liquid foundation.
No offence to anyone who swears by liquid foundation, because I used to be such a big fan of liquid foundation!
They can make my skin look FLAWLESS!
And because I was often out in the past, working and stuff, I had liquid foundation on every single day.
What made things worse was the clubbing and late nights.
And on nights when I’m too tired or drunk to clean my face properly, I sleep with my makeup on.


Ok, before I start on anything, I wanna say how it’s a MAJOR NO-NO to sleep
with makeup on because it’s really dirty and bad for your skin.

This is how I look like around 2 to 3 years ago.


The skin looks freaking awesome right?
Well, that’s because I had heavy makeup on and they pretty much covered all the scars and tiny zits I had.
If you were given the choice to zoom in to every picture on my website, heh, it would look something like that:

Screen shot 2012-02-19 at PM 07.45.41

I always had problems with pimples.
Most of them are small ones, but they are freaking annoying because they constantly pop up at the same area.
It started with the forehead and chin, then they slowly invaded onto my cheeks.
And after they left, they would give me a parting gift each – scars!

Thick makeup – my nemesis.


And beneath all that makeup, my skin pretty much looks like this all the time.
Very shocking indeed.


I was devastated and tried all means and ways to improve my skin.
Tried facials and peels and more but they didn’t do much help.
But there was this one clinic I went to that did help my skin quite a bit.
I believe some of you might have heard of them before because they are pretty popular and famous for their skin doctor.
It’s just a humble looking clinic in Hougang called Punggol Clinic, near SRJC.
I went there twice and was given their facial wash to try.
It was a light blue liquid when I tried it that time, it was pretty strong so you need to dilute it before you use it.
For anyone who might be interested, they are located at Blk 23 Hougang Ave 3 #01-283.
You can call them at 6280 2585 to find out more or to make appointments.

Here is another picture without makeup when the skin is gradually getting better.


But that aside, I think the best way to get good skin is to have clean skin and a good diet and sleeping habit.
Well, I don’t exactly have the best sleeping habits, to be honest.
But I guess drinking lots of water is helpful for keeping one’s system clean.

I quit using liquid foundation after all the bad skin episode, and only used 2-way cakes.
After I met A, I have also quit using 2-way cakes.
I think that was the best decision of my life!
My skin has never felt better.
I know how makeup can help to cover up our scars and all, but it will also tire your skin out sometimes.
So if you need to put on some makeup for work and stuff, remember to cleanse your skin thoroughly at night.
And also to let your skin have a rest every once in a while.

As for skincare, I alternate between various serums and essences.
I like the whitening serum from Chanel and I think it is quite useful for lightening scars.
When you shop for whitening serums, do check with the sales assistants because not all are useful for scars.
Some are more targeted at pigmentations – discolourations, freckles and stuff.
So it would always be helpful and assuring to ask more questions before you make your purchases.

I also love Laneige’s Waterbank hydrating essence.
Some other products I swear by is the exfoliating wash from Clinique, SKII Facial Treatment Essence & SKIN INC Sleeping Mask.

Screen shot 2012-02-19 at PM 08.43.40

A has very sensitive skin so when she use slightly “stronger” products, she will get rashes on her skin.
But SKII Essence and the sleeping mask on SKIN INC worked magic on her, with no side effects.
So I reckon these products would be great for people with sensitive skin too.
For those who haven’t tried SKIN INC before, it’s highly recommended!
They have a shop front in ION Orchard.
The sleeping mask and peel is pretty awesome! πŸ™‚

I hardly put on heavy makeup now.
And when I do, it would only be concealer for the undereye area, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and sometimes lipstick.


SORRY! Look a bit like ah siao in that photo on top. Hahahaha!

Makeup goes on the skin much easier when you have better skin too!
Here is how I look like most of the time when I’m out.
Only concealer and loose powder can make you look refreshed and great too!

Screen shot 2012-02-19 at PM 08.42.41


I still have occasional pimples but they go down even before they surface fully now.
Hydration and keeping your face clean is the key to having clear skin!
And of course, weekly exfoliation would do good for your skin too.

This is how I look without makeup now.
I have gotten so used to having less makeup now that I will cringe when I see my older photos with heavy makeup. Heh.
With makeup, less is ALWAYS more.




May good skin always be with you girls too! πŸ™‚

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    • sixpegs says

      Andrea – I think they only got one whitening serum! πŸ™‚ Mine run out already so I don’t have the actual name. Haven’t go buy another bottle yet. Hehe. You can go to the Chanel counters to check it out! Only one kind of whitening serum.


  1. hazel says

    hey pegs, ur skin looks fab! so lucky u r those that dun have freckles! i have alot on my cheek area! 😦


  2. hi pegs, how do you apply the SK II facial treatment essence? after cleansing? or after toner?


    • sixpegs says

      jas – I don’t use toner leh. Very lazy to use it sometimes (I know it’s not good) heh. Anyway, I think it would be after cleansing, after toner.
      Because toner is supposed to cleanse the skin better and prep the skin. πŸ™‚


  3. Mango says

    Hi pegs, your last few pics are awesome without make up! Juz saw a previous comment that u dun have freckles which is true from your pic! I rem u used to sun bathing, and u do have any freckles! Lucky! Does whitening cream really helps? πŸ™‚


    • sixpegs says

      Mango – I used to sunbathe quite a lot last time but luckily didn’t get any freckles. Got some pigmentation on my arms though. 😦 I think whitening cream will work for pigmentations, so like freckles and other stuff like aging spots or what.. might help too. As for scars, need to ask the sales representatives for the various brands. πŸ™‚
      I heard from people the Spot Eraser thing from Lancome is quite good. Maybe you can go ask for samples and see if it works for you. πŸ™‚


  4. Poh Ling says

    Hey Peggy,

    Thanks for the reply. One more question, how long do you take to finish the tub of sleeping mask? So tempted to try!


    • sixpegs says

      Poh Ling – Hmmm Not sure exactly how long leh.. Quite long because you only need a thin layer everytime. Quite a few months I think?


    • sixpegs says

      fluff – I use ZA concealer in shade 2 and loose powder from Paul&Joe. πŸ™‚ I like the loose powder! Cute packaging too. Do check it out if you’re looking for loose powder too!


  5. Hi Peggy,

    I am so envious of your great skin! You look amazing!

    I have battled with pimples thorughout all my teenage years with enlarged pores especially on my nose n whiteheads..

    Have not gone to a doctor yet cause I’ve heard of many instances whereby after you stop medication that the doctors give the breakouts come on worse?
    Were you on medications when you went to the hougang doctor?
    And how are his charges like?

    I so do want great skin especially for my wedding!!!

    Thanks for answering my many questions!


    • sixpegs says

      Ting – Thanks for your compliment. Well, I’ve had my struggles and war with pimples too.
      The medication I had was not to bad, wasn’t reliant on it. And the pimples didn’t come back after I stopped.
      But I guess it’s best to get consultation if you’re really concern about your skin and wanna get professional advice. πŸ™‚
      The charges there are quite ok, if I remember correctly.
      Do keep your skin clean and exfoliate once a week, and mask too! πŸ™‚
      Hope the doctor will be helpful towards your skin too, if you decided to check him out. πŸ™‚


  6. Mist J says

    I watched your youtube video where you played your Ukelele while waiting for A. I must really say that your voice is so sweet and you sing very well too!! You make me want to learn Ukelele! πŸ˜‰


    • sixpegs says

      Mist J – Hahahahaha thank you very much for your compliment. My ukulele playing is reeeaaaalllllyyyy just super basic. Need to practise more! I’ll be posting that youtube clip and more about the ukulele soon! Probably tomorrow. :p Thanks a lot for your support dear! πŸ™‚ And you should learn ukulele too! It’s quite easy to pick up!


  7. Saw your youtube video and you sang really well! By the way, can I know your ukulele brand, model and how much you bought it? You make me feel like learning! πŸ™‚


    • sixpegs says

      Jo – Gees thank you. Haha. My Ukulele is from KALA. I don’t know the model leh. But it is a soprano with a long neck. I bought it for $179. AND YOU SHOULD LEARN GIRL! πŸ˜€


    • sixpegs says

      sarah – REALLY? Hahaha ok I’ll think about it. Need to let my eyebrow grow out first. Haha.


  8. yenne says

    Hi Peggy may I know which brand of sunscreen do you use? and do we have to remove sunscreen with a make up remover or can just use our daily cleanser to remove it? I have heard different views about it and would like to know yours.. thanks! (I have sensitive skin and break out easily 😦 …)


    • sixpegs says

      S – It’s just a peel, you can check it out at SKIN INC if you’re keen on finding out more. πŸ™‚ Just say the peel and I’m sure they will know. The price wise, I’m not so sure leh. Not very expensive I think. Around $50 or slightly more?


  9. Hi Peggy, i’ve been battling pimple scars for the longest times and they are hideous! Alot of such whitening products do not work. Does the Chanel serum really work for you? And you’ve seen your scars lighten? Thanks!


    • sixpegs says

      M – I think it’s really quite good on me! Better than the few previous whitening serums I’ve used. But it’s so ex 😦


  10. Hi Peggy, can I check what cleanser are you using at the moment? Thanks!! πŸ™‚


  11. Hi Peggy,

    for those pimples and zits I’d recommend giving local Singapore brand Myskinbar a try!

    I had really bad acne previously and tried so many medication and creams but all of them had side effects (drying, harsh, etc).

    But after using this brand which I came across accidentally, my skin doesn’t give me problems anymore! And the best part is there are no side effects, and even pregnant women can use!

    The products are not cheap, but it works.

    You can see my review on it at

    I’m not affiliated to this brand in anyway, just thought I’d share what I’ve found with other people going through the same problem.



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