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My Ukulele

Sorry that I’ve been gone for the last few days!
I hope you guys liked the previous entry about my skincare regime.
For today, I’m super excited because I am going to introduce a very new soulmate of mine.
It’s a SHE and she has an hourglass figure.
She has a nice brown complexion and has a long slender neck.
She originates from Hawaii and her name is Wah Pen Pen!

I know I know.
You’re probably scratching your head now because you don’t know what on earth I’m rattling on and on about.
To spare you the misery, here is story about how I met my soulmate!

Screen shot 2012-02-23 at PM 01.12.02

This is where I got my soulmate from.
OK LAH! Wah Pen Pen is a Ukulele.
I have always been intrigued about the sounds of an Ukulele after watching videos by Jake Shimabukuro on Youtube.
And of course, the Ukulele is incredibly cute too!
I name my new toy “Wah Pen Pen” because it supposedly sounds Hawaiian to me.
HAHAHAHA. There’s a little private joke between A and I too actually.
Wah Pen Pen is our way of saying “What’s happening?”

There must be many other people out there who are interested in picking up Ukulele.
So here are some information about where I got mine from:

Ukulele Movement
66 Kampong Bugis Level 5 Kallang Rivergreen Building Singapore 338987
Tuesday – Saturday: 12pm – 9pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm
Closed on Mondays and public holidays

You can also email them at or check out their website.

Ok, before this starts sounding like an ad, allow me to continue.
There are actually two outlets for Ukulele Movement.
This one I went to, which is in Kampong Bugis, is quite out of the way,
so it’s best if you can drive there.
Here is a picture to let you have a better idea of it’s out-of-the-way-ness.


Other than that one building, there are no surrounding buildings.
But this place is really quite interesting because we saw pretty cafes there as well.
Will definitely check out this place again in future!



I love this place the moment I stepped into its premises.
There are so many cute little corners everywhere!

Ukulele entry


The lift door opened right into the shop and it gave me a small shock, to be honest. Hahaha!
The store is really pretty and the staff very very friendly and helpful.

Ukulele entry2
Ukulele entry1

I bought a Soprano Ukulele at about $179.
It’s one of the many entry level Ukuleles they have there.
The prices range from $60+ to $600+.
The soprano Ukulele I bought is the one with the smallest body, and like its name suggests,
it has the highest range.
Do talk to the staff there if you’re gonna get a Uke there too!

It is much easier to pick up the Ukulele compared to a guitar, I think.
The chords are much easier and it’s generally a smaller instrument.
A and I cannot keep our hands off it after we brought it home!

Ukulele entry3

A drew that for me when I was playing “Rainbow Connection”. :p

Ukulele entry9

And at my place, Wah Pen Pen meets the guitar.
The difference in size is quite amusing. Heh!


I also met up with the girlfriends at Wild Oaks located at Punggol Park.
It’s a really nice place & I loved it.
It was the company that made it really nice too! I shall start with a random picture of eggs I took that night. Hahaha.

Ukulele entry4

Screen shot 2012-02-23 at PM 01.29.41

Lianie and I both wore green shorts! πŸ˜€



I was addicted to Wah Pen Pen so I brought her along. :p



Sinsin also shared her wedding photoshoot peektures with us!
This is one of my favourites from the lot. I can’t wait to check out the rest!
Sorry for the bad resolution of the photos because they were all taken in the dark on my phone. 😑


And of course, some pictures of A’s lovely kitties.
I saw Bert and Bacchus snuggling and quickly pulled out my phone to take pictures of them!

Screen shot 2012-02-23 at PM 01.26.28
Ukulele entry10
Ukulele entry11
Ukulele entry13

Check out Bert’s beautiful eyes.


We then met up again on Sunday for lunch at Bugis Junction.
Desserts were at M.O.F.
Afternoons with A and my girlfriends are always perfect! πŸ™‚

Ukulele entry5
Ukulele entry7
Ukulele entry6
Ukulele entry8

I also dropped by Flea&Easy @ Zouk with A after lunch!
Bought 2 tops and many stickers from the stores there.
I love fleas! This is one of the tops I bought from the flea.
Being my kiasu self, I wore it out the very next day. Heh!

Ukulele entry12

I accompanied A for one of her photoshoots and while I waited for her for a while in her car,
I did a video with my dear girl Wah Pen Pen! :p
The two songs I sang here are Tears for Affairs by Camera Obscura & Zombie by The Cranberries.
I only bought the Ukulele for a couple days so my playing is really not so good yet.
Please bear with me for the many times when I can’t press the chords properly or
when the strumming pattern keep changing. Hahaha!

This is one of the few times I actually did this video blogging thing.
I’m always a bit too self conscious when I’m recording myself. 😑
I was so nervous I knocked my specs with the Ukulele.
Stupid A kept laughing at me whenever she sees that part of the video.



Here are the lyrics of Tears for Affairs.
I didn’t include the lyrics for Zombie because the whole world knows it already. :p

Tears for Affairs
Shedding tears for affairs
I’m a funny little thing
I can tell you this for nothing
Affairs don’t win

Can you handle one more dirty secret one more dirty night
Is it true what they say
Will it make us go blind

You had to drive
Look me in the eye
Whisper don’t cry

I’ll take an interest in Illustration
It should be a laugh
Your words are with me still
They whisper in the grass

Shedding tears for affairs
I’m a stupid little thing
I can tell you this for nothing
You won’t win

You had to drive
(I didn’t want to)
Look me in the eye
(I found it hard to)
Whisper don’t cry
(I had to whisper Goodbye)
So I cried

The BarbarellaΒ “Thanks Everybody Thanks” was A’s idea, just in case you’re wondering.

Let me know if you like it and want more eardrum-torturing covers from me!
Hope you enjoyed today’s entry, have a good Friday tomorrow guys!

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Peggy is an independent blogger from Singapore who has a penchant for impromptu travel plans and good caffe lattes. She is the co-owner of two little cafes, The Tiramisu Hero and Butter My Buns, and hopes to be able to see the world someday; one stop at a time.


  1. chelsea says

    hey hey! nice voice u have there! whether it’s the singing or the talking! the songs sang by you were very good too! totally diggin’ it! btw, what car does A drive? πŸ˜€


    • sixpegs says

      chelsea – hahaha thanks girl. I’m glad you like the songs too! 2 of my many many favourite songs lol. A drives a Mazda MX5. πŸ™‚


  2. chelsea says

    Wow nice car! πŸ˜€ It’s a sports car right! It’s small though! Haha..

    Oh yah, put up more videos of your singing with the Ukelele ok ok ok?? πŸ˜€


    • sixpegs says

      chelsea – Hahaha yeah i actually really enjoy the small space and the fact that it’s a “selfish car” so it will always just be the two of us in there. :p Ok, will post more! Heh.

      May – I knew a bit of guitar but I think the uke is much easier to pick up. Even A can play it now! She always found it hard to play the guitar. The guitar strings are not so friendy towards the fingertips too. Chords on the uke easier to press too.


  3. hey peggy, quick question, did u know how to play the guitar well before you took up the ukulele? i’m wondering how much easier is it to pick up the ukulele.


  4. Lijuan says

    Awesome vocal and both you and A look awesome together! ❀

    p.s more video blog pls! πŸ˜€


    • sixpegs says

      Gladys – Gees thanks girl! :p

      Jiayi & Jo Ann – I love these cats too! Will post more pictures of them! πŸ˜€

      Justina – thanks girl πŸ™‚

      Lijuan – A and I say thank you! :p Will try to make more video blogs! Heh.

      Jiahui – Thanks! You should learn ukulele if you like it! It’s quite easy to pick up! πŸ™‚

      maddy – thanks! you’re too kind. hahaha. my strumming not very good lah! i cannot keep to a certain pattern when i’m singing. Can’t multi task for nuts! Hahaha. I like tears for affairs too. You can check out more of their songs if you like them! πŸ™‚ Nice band!

      amelia – Thanks! Yeah I was in choir before. Some part of Secondary School and took electives in uni too. Will do more covers for songs I’m comfortable with. Thanks a lot Amelia. A drives Mazda MX5. πŸ™‚

      Shinna – Hahahaha thanks girl! πŸ™‚


  5. maddy says

    OMG! you sound freaking amazing!
    awesome strumming skills you have there too! haha!
    Sing more songs like tears of affair please! *jumps in joy*


  6. amelia says

    your voice is awesome! i like the light carefree feeling in it. were u in choir before? hahaha you should do more covers. they are in no way torturing to listen to!

    btw, just wondering, what car is A driving??


  7. Shinna says

    Super good leh you!!! no need disclaimer in the beginning lah be more confident!!! πŸ˜€


  8. the harry potter-inspired spekkies r really cute! where did you get it from? hope to bump into u & A at bugis (u seem to go there often, ha! which i do too) someday – didnt get to see you guys when i ordered cny cookies from A’s mum! btw they’re really good & A’s mummy was happy to know πŸ™‚


  9. Ching says

    in all honesty, i watched the video was to see your instrument knocking against your glasses.

    hahahahaha but didn’t manage to c it tho. darn!


    • sixpegs says

      yoyo – I forgot where I got those from already eh! It was quite some time ago.
      Maybe it was from Far East Plaza. But not sure. Am so sorry about it! We always go Bugis because A’s office is there. Hahaha.
      I’m really glad you like A’s mom’s cookies! Her mom would be happy to know this. πŸ˜€

      Ching – never see meh! Hahahaha. Quite obvious leh! Lol. You evil leh. HAHAHA.

      yenne – I don’t use sunscreen leh. But I think you should use because it’s a good habit. I used to like Chanel’s sunscreen. And just remove with normal makeup remover will do I guess! πŸ™‚ But it’s best to double cleanse – makeup remover + regular cleanser. πŸ™‚


  10. Oooh I think you have the same uke as me! πŸ˜€ Is it Kala long neck soprano in mahogany?


  11. Awww I really enjoy the video, was smiling to myself when I saw random people walking by at the back-window. I love your random spontaneity, we all need more of that. β™₯

    Oh yes, and your singing was awesome, needless to say.


    • sixpegs says

      Jocelyn – Hahaha thanks! Yeah I was a little embarrassed when there are people picking up their cars next to me. :p


  12. Jewel says

    hey! have been wanting to check out the zouk flea.. does it happen often? sundays? couldn’t find any info on e internet bout it.. 😦


  13. Aileen says

    Hi Peggy, would you mind sharing where did Sinsin take her wedding photo – the one with flowers in the background? I am sourcing for locations for my wedding photoshoot & that photo looks really lovely.. πŸ™‚ Thanks & hv a great day!


  14. marlyn says

    Hey sister, Merry Christmas,your singing not too bad and the strumming was good too… I think you have some experience in guitar playing before taking up the uke. Your uke looks like a concert size one (14 frets), wee too big for a soprano as seen from the pic. What’s the brand name? I quite like the sound from it. You say it cost you $170?

    Another note about the Ukulee Movement location… agree it is wayout but once you’ve been there it’s very accessible. Just cross over from ICA/Lavender MRT to Crawford Bridge, access the white pedestrian link bridge along the riverfront park and you are there. A word of caution though, that area is quite spooky. A highly decomposed corpse was found hanging from a tree among the thick forliage (now cleared) some years back near Kampong Bugis vicinity.


  15. Augustin says

    Hi Peggy, i chance upon your blog n u play a gd ukelele tune with your nice singing voice. May i know where did u learn your ukelele lesson from? Or u have guitar background? Hope to hear from you soon.


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