Ageless Beauty

From the moment we were born, a new lotus flower also appears in heaven. Each flower represents a person on earth. In our short lifetime in this world, we need to do good. And every single time we do a good deed, a drop of water gets dropped into your own lotus flower. And if, by the time you pass, your lotus flower is big enough for you to sit in it, you can go to heaven.

Going Solo

I never knew how people did it – travelling alone, that is. I remembered myself to be a braver person; someone who was not afraid to speak one’s mind and act on one’s thoughts. But I am deeply fearful of being alone.

Let’s Liese!

Let’s talk about DIY Hair Dyes. I know we have all been tried it before. For me, it started when I was in secondary school, there were these weird 3%, 6%, 9% thingy I used to get from the pharmacies to lighten the colour of my hair (Sorry, Discipline Master.) But shopping for a box of DIY hair dye from drug stores now become such a difficult task because there are SO many different brands, so many different types of colours and application methods. So when it comes to DIY hair dyes, are you #TeamFoam or #TeamCream? If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably saw the little disagreement I had with my Mom when it comes down to this. Mom insisted that cream type hair dyes are better, and I am loyal to my #TeamFoam. Mom thinks cream type hair dye will work better because the colour can be applied more evenly and it is better in quality. That is why the salons are still using cream dyes. Well, good point. But throughout …


It’s a Friday night. We’ve got nowhere to go, and nothing to do.

We ended up home early and as A was playing Wii alone, I put on some stupid dentures I bought last year and asked her if she’d still love me if I looked like this…

Eloping to San Francisco

The preparation for our big day in San Francisco was both thrilling and nerve-wrecking.

Booking of flights, making sure we made all the correct appointments, hiring of photographer, makeup, hair, flowers – the list of to-dos just goes on and on. Looking back now, I’m glad we were lucky enough to have met people who helped us and gave us so much valuable advice.

Eloping with A to San Francisco and getting married in the City Hall is one of the most beautiful thing we’ve ever done together.

A + P

Love isn’t always rosy and beautiful. Sometimes it hurts, and renders you powerless and vulnerable. Other times, it turns you into an irrational person. Love has the power to make brave, or to make one a coward. Two totally different person learning to love and live as one is quite a feat altogether. We are in love, but we want to make sure these images did not only show the happy times. It is a reminder of being powerless and vulnerable can be beautiful and how lucky we are to find someone who is on the same page as you. I hope we will always be on that same page. § § § Let’s always be strange and beautiful together, A. Special thanks to Bobby from Bobby Kiran Photography, Dylan and team from Dylan And Son, Ai Yi and Dollei Seah for the love. More on Instagram @sixpegs or #APGoSteady.