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Pretty Faces. Pretty Sounds.

I’ve been bothered by my huge face my entire adult life, always envious of the tiny faces on other girls. Slightly more than 2 months ago, I tried Botox again with Dr SM Yuen at Atlas Medical Laser & Aesthetics Clinic – the same doctor I went to many years back. As much as Botox is very common right now, and there are so many Before/After pictures online, I would like to share my little Botox Progress Journal over the last 2 months odd and share some of the commonly asked questions about Botox.

On The Lawn

I’m sitting outside my cafe at one of the alfresco seats with a runny nose this Easter Sunday; watching the cafe run without lifting a finger and hearing indistinct “The Tiramisu Hero” uttered by strangers as they walk by the cafe. For some strange reasons, I have developed a very strong sensitivity to the word tiramisu after the cafe started. Some of them, who obviously cannot read cursive, thought the cafe is named The Tiramisu Here. Some thought Sir Antonio is a panda. Or a raccoon. (He is a cat, by the way.) I would smile at occasional friendly patrons and toddlers who, for some strange reasons, always like to stand at the glass doors and stare out at the world outside with their wide eyes. I also feel a sense of achievement whenever my customers try my tiramisu in the cafe and end up ordering a few more jars for takeaway. Other than being able to observe what goes on in the cafe and see what can be improved, I also get to eavesdrop …


I have never been to any slimming massages before and this first time to BottomSlim is really quite an eye opener! Ever since the start of The Tiramisu Hero, I have been piling on lots and lots of weight – and they all go straight to my tummy, love handles and thighs. *sobs* With my busy lifestyle, it’s almost impossible for me to stick to a regular gym schedule and it’s just too difficult to stay away from food because my work IS food. Even when I try to control my diet, certain parts of the body like tummy, outer thighs and love handles are just impossible to lose! THAT IS WHY I was thrilled when BottomSlim invited me to try out their services! Compared to other slimming consultants, they specialize in lower body slimming (and pioneer too!) so I know it has to be good! Heh. I visited their outlet in Ngee Ann City and the ambience was really good! It’s located at Level 5 and I like how it’s quiet and private there!

Let’s Fika!

Looks like getting a new camera IS a right choice. I’ve been transformed into a brand new camwhore who would whip out my camera almost every hour. Hahahaha! I bought the Samsung MV9000 from Gmarket and it’s only at $320! (The price I got from Sim Lim Square was $417, so that’s really quite a steal!) It comes with a flip up screen and has inbuilt wifi so I can transfer pictures from the camera to my phone ANYWHERE, even when I’m at a place with no wifi connection! OK, enough of my boring gadget talk. PEEKTURES! I’m also loving my new gelish manicure from Juup! It has got to be my favourite nail salon of all times. Apart from the hot tea and cookies and chocolates they give me once I settled down, I get to watch movies as I’m getting my nails done! How awesome is that! I did the gelish in a glittery dark grey this time round because my previous colour done by the was of a lighter shade. Time for …

Coming out

I’d recently learnt of the Take Action! Contest by Oogachaga. It’s a contest which invites all individuals or groups who aspire to make a positive difference to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning community in Singapore to submit an original idea for their own programme. And this inspired me to tell you about my story. I once heard a saying that goes “The naked truth is always better than the best dressed lie”. Although we all know that the truth is not always rosy and nice, living in a lie would probably be the most depressing and unhappy thing I can imagine. I had lived in denial for certain things in life before, but when it comes to realizing who I am and coming to terms with my sexuality, I am proud I took the courage to embrace and accept who I am inside. A and I have been together for about a year and a half now. Looking back, it all still feels surreal about how we evolved from schoolmates who only kept …