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The Plot

I received these lovely friendship bands that I absolutely love! From SAB FARO, these bands represents an inspiration of life itself I am grateful to adorn the Sab Pistol which embodies dreams and ambitions! I also got a few more in various colours and shared them with my close friends. 😀 And we decided to wear them as anklets!


I have never been to any slimming massages before and this first time to BottomSlim is really quite an eye opener! Ever since the start of The Tiramisu Hero, I have been piling on lots and lots of weight – and they all go straight to my tummy, love handles and thighs. *sobs* With my busy lifestyle, it’s almost impossible for me to stick to a regular gym schedule and it’s just too difficult to stay away from food because my work IS food. Even when I try to control my diet, certain parts of the body like tummy, outer thighs and love handles are just impossible to lose! THAT IS WHY I was thrilled when BottomSlim invited me to try out their services! Compared to other slimming consultants, they specialize in lower body slimming (and pioneer too!) so I know it has to be good! Heh. I visited their outlet in Ngee Ann City and the ambience was really good! It’s located at Level 5 and I like how it’s quiet and private there!

Tokyo Bust Express

A stalk of fresh sunflower greeted me the moment I stepped into Tokyo Bust Express at City Square Mall for my first treatment with them. From what I understand, they chose the flowers according to how their customers make them “feel” so I guess I’m very “sunflower-ish” to them. Heh! Before I continue, I want to thank the team at Tokyo Bust Express for their hospitality and patience with the explanation about the common problems women have about their busts and how the treatments can help with using all natural ingredients. I have never thought that I would be visiting a place like Tokyo Bust Express because my boobs never really gave me much problems because they are so puny (no pun intended). But I would have to say the discussion with the team and seeing the BEFORE/AFTER effects of the treatment really made me realize caring for our breasts should start early.


Sunday’s dinner was at the cute little Le’toile Cafe at Owen Road! A and I had been hungry the whole day because we were busy doing our work and missed all our meals, and we were really looking forward to check out this cafe we heard about. It was really nice to know that the cafe opens until as late as 10pm too. Here are some pictures of the cafe. I love the building the cafe is located in! So cute! It is a really quiet area so this would be a great place for people who want to get away from the bustling town area. The Japanese/French style cafe looks really welcoming with a small area near the main entrance that carries cute accessories and other merchandise. It is a 2 storey cafe and there are quite a lot of tables around. I like how almost all the tables in this cafe are different! Very cosy place, and there are a lot of books and magazines littered all around for patrons too. We picked …


It has been some time since I had a decent brunch at a nice cafe. And seeing all the pictures of Eggs Benedicts and Eggs Florentines on my Instagram, I’m itching for one too! After doing some research online, A and I decided to drop by Choupinette. A told me her last time there was a whooping 7 years ago! SEVEN YEARS! She was only 18 years old back then, so high class leh. I think I eat brunches in food courts when I’m 18 years old! Heh. We chatted with the servers and found out that Choupinette has already been around for a decade! It’s a nice little place – not too many seats and I can imagine it being packed to the brim on Sunday mornings. I mean, it was around 1pm on Wednesday afternoon and it was already quite crowded in there. Note to self: Remember to make reservations in advance on weekends! We got a seat near the windows, I always liked seats with a lot of daylight. The decor is …

Bangkok II

I’m back with more details about my Bangkok trip and more hangouts in the Land of Smiles to recommend! A and I checked in to our second hotel for this trip! I first read about MADUZI Hotel on the internet, and I was blown away by the decor in this hotel, especially their unique bath tubs in all of their rooms! This hotel also views the privacy of their hotel guests importantly. There is no typical check-in counter in this hotel, all paper work are done in your rooms. And the moment you enter the hotel, it just feels like home! There is no crowd around any counters, you don’t see a lot of guests walking around too because there is only slightly more than 40 rooms in there. The hotel do not take guest reservations over the counter, so only prior reservations are accepted. The gates to the hotel are almost always closed too, so you don’t get random strangers streaming in and out. I like it! We were allocated a room on the …

War Against Varicose

That picture above serves to attract your attention because I know everyone loves to look at and want to have killer legs. It also aims to make you feel incompetent because your legs don’t look like those in the picture above. But fret not, because most of us don’t have those legs! Before I begin, I have to emphasize that this is not an advertorial for any brands. Haha! Alright. The whole story started when A commented that the veins at the back of my knees are very obvious. She called them “a little bit scary”. I do not want to come across as being scary in any way so I decided to do a little research on those impending varicose veins. Something random. I used to think that those nasty looking veins are called “VERY COARSE VEINS”, well, because they are really very coarse. I feel a little ridiculed when I realized that they were actually spelt “varicose veins”. Why can’t they just make it easier and call them “very coarse veins”? Heh! They …

Bangkok I

I AM FINALLY BACK! The recent Bangkok trip has been great. It was supposed to be a 7 day trip, but due to some last minute decisions, we extended our trip and it became a 11 days one. It was my first time staying in Bangkok for so many days. And as to why I was there for such a long time, I shall reveal it in my next post! 🙂 For now, I just wanna share some of the places I visited in Bangkok and also a nice hotels I stayed in when I was there. If you’re reading this now and will be travelling to Bangkok soon, hope it would be of some help in your itinerary planning too! We tried out two hotels in this trip and both were absolutely fantastic – different and unique in their own ways. The first boutique hotel we visited was TENFACE Hotel at Phloen Chit area. This cosy little hotel has about slightly under 90 rooms so it is a great choice for us because we …